RingBuffer - Perl extension for creating a ring buffer of any size with any object as the ring data.

This software create a ring buffer of <n> length. You can store any type of object inside the buffer that you create. Description of the functions are listed below: POD ERRORS Hey! The above document had some coding errors, which are explained below:...

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Devel::RingBuffer - Shared memory ring buffers for Perl scripts diagnosis/debug

Provides shared memory structures (using memory mapped files via IPC::Mmap) to be used by diagnostic and debugger applications for Perl scripts (see Devel::STrace). Using XS/C code to maximize performance, creates a set of ringbuffers with a configur...

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Tie::Scalar::RingBuffer - Treat a scalar as a ring buffer iterator.

A ring buffer is a queue in which the tail and head are logically connected so that there is effectively no end to the queue. This modules treats a listref as a ring buffer, and creates an iterator for that ring buffer. The iteration is completely hi...

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Devel::STrace - strace-like runtime call trace for Perl applications

Provides a strace/truss-like runtime call monitor for Perl applications. Note that, while strace/truss only dumps system calls, Devel::STrace dumps all calls to Perl subs on the application's stack. Also note that Devel::STrace cannot trace non-Perl ...

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App::lcpan - Manage your local CPAN mirror

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