Running::Commentary - call system cleanly, with tracking messages 2 ++

This module provides a single subroutine: "run()" which is designed to be a more informative and less error-prone replacement for the built-in "system()". It also provides a compile-time keyword: "run_with" with which you can set lexically scoped def...

DCONWAY/Running-Commentary-0.000005 - 01 Aug 2013 02:37:25 GMT - Search in distribution

PIR - Short alias for Path::Iterator::Rule 16 ++

This is an empty subclass of Path::Iterator::Rule. It saves you from having to type the full name repeatedly, which is particularly handy for one-liners: $ perl -MPIR -wE 'say for PIR->new->skip_dirs(".")->perl_module->all(@INC)' USAGE Constructors "...

DAGOLDEN/Path-Iterator-Rule-1.008 - 04 Feb 2014 22:41:44 GMT - Search in distribution

PANT - Perl extension for ANT/NANT like build environments ++

This module provides various useful functions to help in the automated build of a project and to produce a build log. It is still in development, and may well change shape in the light of experience. EXPORTS StartPant([title],[style=>stuff]) This cal...

JONIONS/PANT-0.17 - 28 Jul 2005 09:02:33 GMT - Search in distribution

SlideShow - Perl extension remote presentation ++

SlideShow is a device for giving presentations over the Web. It allows one user (the master) to control the content that appears on other user (client) browsers by using server pushes. For example, you could arrange a conference call or radio broadca...

LENZO/SlideShow-2.0 - 01 Jan 2000 21:11:55 GMT - Search in distribution

perlhack - How to hack on Perl 241 ++

This document explains how Perl development works. It includes details about the Perl 5 Porters email list, the Perl repository, the Perlbug bug tracker, patch guidelines, and commentary on Perl development philosophy. SUPER QUICK PATCH GUIDE If you ...

SHAY/perl-5.20.2   (6 reviews) - 14 Feb 2015 18:27:06 GMT - Search in distribution

DBI::DBD - Perl DBI Database Driver Writer's Guide 173 ++

This document is primarily intended to help people writing new database drivers for the Perl Database Interface (Perl DBI). It may also help others interested in discovering why the internals of a DBD driver are written the way they are. This is a gu...

TIMB/DBI-1.633   (27 reviews) - 11 Jan 2015 13:26:05 GMT - Search in distribution

Carp::Datum - Debugging And Tracing Ultimate Module ++

The "Carp::Datum" module brings powerful debugging and tracing features to development code: automatic flow tracing, returned value tracing, assertions, and debugging traces. Its various functions may be customized dynamically (i.e. at run time) via ...

SQUIRREL/Carp-Datum-0.1.3 - 16 Jan 2002 22:19:51 GMT - Search in distribution

make_method - Turn Perl code into an XML description for RPC::XML::Server 1 ++

This is a simple tool to create the XML descriptive files for specifying methods to be published by an RPC::XML::Server-based server. If a server is written such that the methods it exports (or *publishes*) are a part of the running code, then there ...

RJRAY/RPC-XML-0.78   (3 reviews) - 07 Feb 2014 04:15:00 GMT - Search in distribution

Sybase::Xfer - Bcp data into a Sybae table from multiple sources ++

Bulk copies data into a Sybase table. Data sources can include a) another Sybase table, b) the results of any Transact-Sql, c) the return values from a perl subroutine called repetitively, or d) a flat file. Comes with robust error reporting, handlin...

SPRAGST/Sybase-Xfer-0.63 - 14 Jun 2003 11:25:45 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::Tutorial - A tutorial about writing really basic tests 115 ++

*AHHHHHHH!!!! NOT TESTING! Anything but testing! Beat me, whip me, send me to Detroit, but don't make me write tests!* **sob** *Besides, I don't know how to write the damned things.* Is this you? Is writing tests right up there with writing documenta...

EXODIST/Test-Simple-1.001014   (8 reviews) - 28 Dec 2014 16:37:38 GMT - Search in distribution

DBD::ODBC::FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions for DBD::ODBC 8 ++
MJEVANS/DBD-ODBC-1.50   (4 reviews) - 25 Jul 2014 10:22:41 GMT - Search in distribution

Alvis::Pipeline - Perl extension for passing XML documents along the Alvis pipeline ++

This module provides a simple means for components in the Alvis pipeline to pass documents between themselves without needing to know about the underlying transfer protocol. Pipe objects may be created either for reading or writing; components in the...

MIRK/Alvis-Pipeline-0.11 - 31 Aug 2006 16:20:21 GMT - Search in distribution

App::Kit::Obj::Ex - system execution utility object 1 ++

system execution utility object INTERFACE new() Returns the object. Takes one required attribute: _app. It should be an App::Kit object for it to use internally. whereis() Lazy wrapper of Unix::Whereis’s whereis(). run_cmd() Lazy wrapper of IPC::Open...

DMUEY/App-Kit-0.62 - 17 Dec 2013 13:19:17 GMT - Search in distribution

Directory::Scratch - (DEPRECATED) Easy-to-use self-cleaning scratch space 3 ++
ETHER/Directory-Scratch-0.18   (1 review) - 20 Jan 2015 03:01:14 GMT - Search in distribution

Gantry::Docs::Tutorial - The Gantry Tutorial ++
TKEEFER/Gantry-3.64   (1 review) - 13 Jan 2010 17:34:43 GMT - Search in distribution

Games::Shogi::Taikyoku - Piece descriptions and initial configuration for Taikyoku Shogi ++

Taikyoku Shogi is thought to be the largest Shogi variant in existence, on a 36 x 36 grid with 402 pieces, 201 per side. This game contains such pieces as the Buddhist Spirit and an alternate version of the Fire Demon, which moves differently than th...

JGOFF/Games-Shogi-0.03 - 04 Nov 2004 14:38:32 GMT - Search in distribution

Bigtop::Docs::Cookbook - Bigtop syntax by example ++
PHILCROW/Bigtop-0.38 - 10 Jul 2010 22:08:44 GMT - Search in distribution

Text::SenseClusters::LabelEvaluation::LabelEvaluation - Module for evaluation of labels of the clusters. ++

This Program will compare the result obtained from the SenseClusters with that of Gold Standards. Gold Standards will be obtained from two independent and reliable source: 1. Wikipedia 2. Wordnet For fetching the Wikipedia data it use the WWW::Wikipe...

AANANDJHA/Text-SenseClusters-LabelEvaluation-0.06 - 29 Dec 2012 23:30:20 GMT - Search in distribution