SQL::Abstract - Generate SQL from Perl data structures

This module was inspired by the excellent DBIx::Abstract. However, in using that module I found that what I really wanted to do was generate SQL, but still retain complete control over my statement handles and use the DBI interface. So, I set out to ...

ILMARI/SQL-Abstract-1.84 - 03 Apr 2017 15:30:42 GMT - Search in distribution

DBIx::SQL::Abstract - Provides a convenient abstraction layer to a database.

The intention of this module is to join some methods from the DBI and the SQL::Abstract modules, for a convenient and easy use. To begin, we create an object, but first we must create a hash which contains the database parameters as follows. my %dbcf...

ALECS/DBIx-SQL-Abstract-0.07 - 12 Sep 2005 18:09:31 GMT - Search in distribution

SQL::Abstract::More - extension of SQL::Abstract with more constructs and more flexible API

Generates SQL from Perl data structures. This is a subclass of SQL::Abstract, fully compatible with the parent class, but with some improvements : * methods take arguments as *named parameters* instead of positional parameters. This is more flexible ...

DAMI/SQL-Abstract-More-1.28 - 05 Jul 2016 06:18:18 GMT - Search in distribution

SQL::Abstract::Limit - portable LIMIT emulation

Portability layer for LIMIT emulation. new( case => 'lower', cmp => 'like', logic => 'and', convert => 'upper', limit_dialect => 'Top' ) All settings are optional. limit_dialect Sets the default syntax model to use for emulating a "LIMIT $rows OFFSET...

DAVEBAIRD/SQL-Abstract-Limit-0.141 - 22 Dec 2008 21:15:40 GMT - Search in distribution

SQL::Abstract::Query - An advanced SQL generator.

This library provides the ability to generate SQL using database-independent Perl data structures, is built upon the proven capabilities of SQL::Abstract, and robust and extendable thanks to Moose. Much of the inspiration for this library came from s...

BLUEFEET/SQL-Abstract-Query-0.03 - 05 Oct 2011 02:30:05 GMT - Search in distribution

SQL::Abstract::Builder - Builds and executers relational queries

It gives you a very simple way to define fetch documents (rows and related children) from your relational DB (instead of just rows)....

TRON/SQL-Abstract-Builder-v0.1.1 - 26 Apr 2012 20:19:29 GMT - Search in distribution

SQL::Abstract::Complete - Generate complete SQL from Perl data structures

This module was inspired by the excellent SQL::Abstract, from which in inherits. However, in trying to use the module, I found that what I really wanted to do was generate complete SELECT statements including joins and group by clauses. So, I set out...

GRYPHON/SQL-Abstract-Complete-1.06 - 29 Jan 2015 23:49:35 GMT - Search in distribution

SQL::Abstract::FromQuery - Translating an HTTP Query into SQL::Abstract structure

This module is intended to help building Web applications with complex search forms. It translates user input, as obtained from an HTML form, into a datastructure suitable as a %where clause for the SQL::Abstract module; that module will in turn prod...

DAMI/SQL-Abstract-FromQuery-0.10 - 06 Apr 2015 19:20:47 GMT - Search in distribution

SQL::Abstract::Plugin::InsertMulti - add mysql bulk insert supports for SQL::Abstract

SQL::Abstract::Plugin::InsertMulti is enable bulk insert support for SQL::Abstract. Declare 'use SQL::Abstract::Plugin::InsertMulti;' with 'use SQL::Abstract;', exporting insert_multi() and update_multi() methods to SQL::Abstract namespace from SQL::...

ZIGOROU/SQL-Abstract-Plugin-InsertMulti-0.04 - 11 Oct 2013 13:38:57 GMT - Search in distribution


KOORCHIK/Query-Abstract-0.01 - 17 Mar 2015 11:04:46 GMT - Search in distribution
  • Query::Abstract - Create filters in Perlish way and transforms them into coderefs or SQL


DEPRECATED. This functionality is now in SQL::Abstract itself. This module just wraps around that. Please, stop using this! Some databases have support for returning data after an insert query, which can help gain performance when doing common operat...

CYCLES/SQL-Abstract-Plugin-InsertReturning-0.05 - 11 Mar 2010 00:06:19 GMT - Search in distribution

DBIx::OO - Database to Perl objects abstraction

This module has been inspired by the wonderful Class::DBI. It is a database-to-Perl-Objects abstraction layer, allowing you to interact with a database using common Perl syntax. Why another Class::DBI "clone"? 1 I had the feeling that Class::DBI is n...

MISHOO/DBIx-OO-0.0.9 - 26 Nov 2008 10:10:27 GMT - Search in distribution
  • DBIx::OO::Tree - manipulate hierarchical data using the "nested sets" model

Class::DBI::Sweet - Making sweet things sweeter

Class::DBI::Sweet provides convenient count, search, page, and cache functions in a sweet package. It integrates these functions with "Class::DBI" in a convenient and efficient way....

PHRED/Class-DBI-Sweet-0.11 - 26 Jul 2011 03:25:47 GMT - Search in distribution

Class::DBI::Sweet::More - More sweet Class::DBI::Sweet

Class::DBI::Sweet::More provides OUTER JOIN (and has_many table's search option '-and') to "Class::DBI::Sweet"....

ASAKURA/Class-DBI-Sweet-More-0.01 - 03 May 2006 16:03:50 GMT - Search in distribution

DBIx::Roles::SQLAbstract - Exports SQL commands insert, select etc as methods.

The role exports SQL commands "insert", "select", "update", "delete" after SQL::Abstract fashion. See SQL::Abstract for syntax of these methods....

KARASIK/DBIx-Roles-1.04 - 30 Jan 2006 11:02:26 GMT - Search in distribution


MARKSTOS/CGI-Session-Driver-pure_sql-0.70 - 03 Apr 2010 03:27:31 GMT - Search in distribution


CMUNGALL/go-perl-0.15 - 12 Jun 2013 16:22:41 GMT - Search in distribution

Teng::Plugin::SearchBySQLAbstractMore - use SQL::Abstract::More as Query Builder for Teng

KTAT/Teng-Plugin-SearchBySQLAbstractMore-0.12 - 05 Sep 2013 16:48:13 GMT - Search in distribution


JUGUANG/AutoSQL-0.2 - 25 Mar 2004 12:08:08 GMT - Search in distribution


Common methods for Sql implementations of AppHandle...

SJCARBON/go-db-perl-0.04 - 21 Dec 2009 21:56:44 GMT - Search in distribution

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