SSH::Batch - Cluster operations based on parallel SSH, set and interval arithmetic 2 ++

System administration (sysadmin) is also part of my $work. Playing with a (big) bunch of machines without a handy tool is painful. So I refactored some of our old scripts and hence this module. This is a high-level abstraction over the powerful Net::...

AGENT/SSH-Batch-0.029   (1 review) - 29 Apr 2012 01:13:28 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::SSH - Perl extension for secure shell ++

Simple wrappers around ssh commands. For an all-perl implementation that does not require the system ssh command, see Net::SSH::Perl instead. SUBROUTINES ssh [USER@]HOST, COMMAND [, ARGS ... ] Calls ssh in batch mode. issh [USER@]HOST, COMMAND [, ARG...

IVAN/Net-SSH-0.09   (2 reviews) - 14 May 2008 18:50:07 GMT - Search in distribution

clad - A simple parallel ssh client. ++

clad provides the ability to run the same command on several hosts at once. The output is displayed unbuffered as the various hosts run the command. The list of hosts is determined by reading a configuration file which associates names of clusters wi...

PLICEASE/Clustericious-Admin-0.25 - 20 Dec 2014 10:43:58 GMT - Search in distribution

Pantry - Configuration management tool for chef-solo ++

"pantry" is a utility to make it easier to manage a collection of computers with the configuration management tool Chef Solo <> USAGE Arguments to the "pantry" command line tool follow a regular structure...

DAGOLDEN/Pantry-0.012 - 11 Oct 2012 22:43:13 GMT - Search in distribution
  • pantry - Manage resources for chef-solo

Qless - perl bind for Qless job queueing system 1 ++

Qless is a powerful Redis <>-based job queueing system inspired by resque <>, but built on a collection of Lua scripts, maintained in the qless-core <> repo. P...

NUCLON/Qless-0.06 - 20 Dec 2012 08:53:37 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::SCP - Perl extension for secure copy protocol 2 ++

Simple wrappers around ssh and scp commands. SUBROUTINES scp SOURCE, DESTINATION Can be called either as a subroutine or a method; however, the subroutine interface is depriciated. Calls scp in batch mode, with the -B -p -q and -r options. Returns fa...

IVAN/Net-SCP-0.08 - 26 Oct 2007 23:28:13 GMT - Search in distribution

DBQuery - Lib of DB Query ++

"DBQuery" allows you to query some information from some different type databases, like mysql, postgresql and oracle, so our system need module which include DBD::mysql, DBD::PgPP and DBD::Oracle. In future, it'll support more and more database types...

CNANGEL/DBQuery-1.20 - 28 Dec 2014 04:04:49 GMT - Search in distribution

parpush - Secure transfer of files between clusters via SSH ++

"parpush" push files and directories across sets of remote machines. Syntax of Cluster Description Files Unless the option "--configfile" is specified "parpush" will look for a filename named "~/.clusterrc" in the home directory. If it does not exist...

CASIANO/Net-ParSCP-0.15 - 25 Jun 2009 09:29:54 GMT - Search in distribution

pantheon - A suite of cluster administration tools and platforms 2 ++
KAN/pantheon-0.58 - 24 Feb 2014 09:37:37 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::OpenSSH - Perl SSH client package implemented on top of OpenSSH 16 ++

Net::OpenSSH is a secure shell client package implemented on top of OpenSSH binary client ("ssh"). Under the hood This package is implemented around the multiplexing feature found in later versions of OpenSSH. That feature allows one to run several s...

SALVA/Net-OpenSSH-0.64   (5 reviews) - 12 Mar 2015 08:50:09 GMT - Search in distribution

Rex::Commands - All the basic commands 37 ++

This module is the core commands module. SYNOPSIS desc "Task description"; task "taskname", sub { ... }; task "taskname", "server1", ..., "server20", sub { ... }; group "group" => "server1", "server2", ...; user "user"; password "password"; environme...

JFRIED/Rex-1.0.0 - 08 Mar 2015 19:12:20 GMT - Search in distribution

GRID::Machine - Remote Procedure Calls over a SSH link 4 ++

This module is inspired in the IPC::PerlSSH module by Paul Evans. It provides Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) via a SSH connection. What made IPC::PerlSSH appealing to me was that 'no special software is required on the remote end, other than the abilit...

CASIANO/GRID-Machine-0.127   (1 review) - 14 Jun 2011 09:11:14 GMT - Search in distribution

Log::Parallel - cluster computing framework ++

This is the main driver module at the heart of a cluster computing framework used for batch log processing. It sets things up, figures out what jobs can run and in what order, and queues them up to run. Everything it does is driven from the configura...

MUIR/Log-Parallel-0.303 - 08 Aug 2009 21:53:00 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::SSH::Mechanize - asynchronous ssh command invocation ++

The point about using "AnyEvent" internally is that "blocking" method calls only block the current "thread", and so the above can be used in parallel with (for example) other ssh sessions in the same process (using "AnyEvent", or "Coro"). Although a ...

WULEE/Net-SSH-Mechanize-0.1.3 - 09 Jun 2012 00:27:03 GMT - Search in distribution

WebService::Linode - Perl Interface to the API. 4 ++
MIKEGRB/WebService-Linode-0.27 - 01 Mar 2015 04:50:04 GMT - Search in distribution

String::Range::Expand - Expand range-like strings ++

This module provides functions to expand a string that contains range-like expressions. This is something that is usually useful when working with hostnames, but can be used elsewhere too. FUNCTIONS expand_range($string) my @list = expand_range('...'...

MITHUN/String-Range-Expand-v1.0.1 - 09 Dec 2014 01:02:57 GMT - Search in distribution

Remote::Use::Tutorial - An introduction to Remote::Use ++
CASIANO/Remote-Use-0.04 - 12 Oct 2008 22:09:26 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::OpenSSH::Parallel - Run SSH jobs in parallel 2 ++

Run this here, that there, etc. "Net::OpenSSH::Parallel" is an scheduler that can run commands in parallel in a set of hosts through SSH. It tries to find a compromise between being simple to use, efficient and covering a good part of the problem spa...

SALVA/Net-OpenSSH-Parallel-0.12 - 04 May 2012 15:24:25 GMT - Search in distribution

MySQL::Sandbox::Recipes - A cookbook for MySQL Sandbox 5 ++
GMAX/MySQL-Sandbox-3.0.48   (1 review) - 09 Mar 2015 11:03:10 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::SSH::Perl::Auth::Password - Password authentication plugin 7 ++

*Net::SSH::Perl::Auth::Password* performs password authentication with a remote sshd server. When you create a new password auth object, you give it an *$ssh* object, which should contain an open connection to an ssh daemon, as well as the data that ...

TURNSTEP/Net-SSH-Perl-1.38   (9 reviews) - 06 Oct 2014 11:51:38 GMT - Search in distribution