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WWW::Search::FirstGov - class for searching River stage zero No dependents

Class specialization of WWW::Search for searching can return up to 100 hits per page. This class exports no public interface; all interaction should be done through WWW::Search objects....

SUTCH/WWW-Search-FirstGov-1.14 - 08 Apr 2003 19:48:12 UTC - Search in distribution

Data::HTMLDumper - Uses Data::Dumper to make HTML tables of structures River stage zero No dependents

If you like to use Data::Dumper for quick and dirty pictures of your structures during development, but you are now developing for the web, this module might be for you. It uses Data::Dumper, but formats the results as HTML tables. The format of the ...

PHILCROW/Data-HTMLDumper-0.08 - 08 Nov 2005 00:35:51 UTC - Search in distribution

Template::Plugin::Data::HTMLDumper - Template Toolkit plugin interface to Data::HTMLDumper. River stage zero No dependents

A very simple Template Toolkit Plugin Interface to the Data::HTMLDumper module. The Data::HTMLDumper module displays output from the Data::Dumper module as HTML tables....

SUTCH/Template-Plugin-Data-HTMLDumper-0.10 - 27 Aug 2004 16:42:21 UTC - Search in distribution
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