SVK::Log::Filter::Date - selects revisions based on svn:date property

An SVK log filter which selects for revisions with an svn:date property within a particular date range. Conceptually, this is similar to using "-r {DATE}:{DATE}", but the date range is specified by a natural language phrase and the time is localtime ...

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SVK::Command::Log - Show log messages for revisions

Display the log messages and other meta-data associated with revisions. SVK provides a flexible system allowing log messages and other revision properties to be displayed and processed in many ways. This flexibility comes through the use of "log filt...

CLKAO/SVK-v2.2.3   (4 reviews) - 23 Mar 2010 15:19:59 GMT - Search in distribution

SVK::Log::Filter::Mndrix - my pretty-ish output format

The Mndrix filter is an output log filter for SVK which displays log messages and revision properties in a way that I consider useful. Under normal usage, it displays author, day, date, time, remote revision number (if applicable) and the first parag...

MNDRIX/SVK-Log-Filter-Mndrix-0.0.3 - 14 Dec 2006 18:04:24 GMT - Search in distribution

SVK::Log::Filter::Stats - display cumulative statistics for revisions

The Stats filter is an output filter which displays statistics about the revisions it sees. The specific statistics are described in the "STATISTICS" section. Two arguments to the log command modify the statistics output format. quiet Providing this ...

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