SVN::Dumpfile - Perl extension to access and manipulate Subversion dumpfiles

SVN::Dumpfile represents a Subversion ( dumpfile. It provides methods to read existing and write modified or new dumpfiles. It supports dumpfiles with the version number 1 - 3 but was written in a tolerant way to also su...

MSCHARRER/SVN-Dumpfile-0.13.107 - 23 Apr 2009 10:49:19 GMT - Search in distribution

SVN::Dumpfilter - Perl extension to filter Subversion dumpfiles

SVN::Dumpfilter reads a Subversion ( dumpfile. The file is parsed and a call-back subfunction is called with a hash-reference for every 'node'. This function can modify, add or delete headers, properties and the content ...

MSCHARRER/SVN-Dumpfilter-0.21 - 04 Apr 2008 10:19:36 GMT - Search in distribution

SVK::Command::Mirror - Initialize a mirrored depotpath

CLKAO/SVK-v2.2.3 - 23 Mar 2010 15:19:59 GMT - Search in distribution

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