SVN::Notify - Subversion activity notification

This class may be used for sending email messages for Subversion repository activity. There are a number of different modes supported, and SVN::Notify is fully subclassable, to add new functionality, and offers comprehensive content filtering to easi...

DWHEELER/SVN-Notify-2.86 - 29 Mar 2016 23:35:21 GMT - Search in distribution

SVN::Notify::Mirror - Keep a mirrored working copy of a repository path

Keep a directory in sync with a portion of a Subversion repository. Typically used to keep a development web server in sync with the changes made to the repository. This directory can either be on the same box as the repository itself, or it can be r...

JPEACOCK/SVN-Notify-Mirror-0.040 - 04 Jul 2012 17:10:21 GMT - Search in distribution

SVN::Notify::Snapshot - Take snapshots from Subversion activity

JPEACOCK/SVN-Notify-Snapshot-0.04 - 30 Aug 2008 15:06:43 GMT - Search in distribution

SVN::Hooks::Notify - Subversion activity notification.

GNUSTAVO/SVN-Hooks-1.34 - 10 Nov 2016 16:18:44 GMT - Search in distribution

SVN::Notify::Config - Config-driven Subversion notification

This module is a YAML-based configuration wrapper on SVN::Notify. Any option of the base SVN::Notify or any of its subclasses can be rendered in YAML and will be used to perform the appropriate task. In essence, your hook script is your configuration...

JPEACOCK/SVN-Notify-Config-0.0911 - 08 Mar 2008 15:26:01 GMT - Search in distribution

SVN::Notify::Filter::Watchers - Subscribe to SVN::Notify commits with a Subversion property.

This SVN::Notify::Filter will allow you to add additional recipients to an email by checking a Subversion property (default of "svnx:watchers", and can be overridden with "watcher_property" (or "--watcher-property" option for "svnnotify"). The value ...

LARRYSH/SVN-Notify-Filter-Watchers-0.10 - 03 Mar 2010 15:22:49 GMT - Search in distribution

SVN::Notify::Filter::Markdown - Convert SVN::Notify log messages from Markdown to HTML

This module filters SVN::Notify log message output to convert it from Markdown format to HTML. Essentially, this means that if you write your commit log messages in Markdown format and like to use SVN::Notify::HTML or SVN::Notify::HTML::ColorDiff to ...

DWHEELER/SVN-Notify-Filter-Markdown-0.05 - 26 Jun 2011 05:29:20 GMT - Search in distribution

SVN::Notify::Filter::EmailFlatFileDB - Converts account names to email address based on a flat-file database

This module is a filter for SVN::Notify, which will translate user account names (e.g. "user1") into email address. It does this based on a colon-separated file, like a UNIX passwd file (or more usefully) the AuthUserFile used by Apache. The file pat...

BORLIK/SVN-Notify-Filter-EmailFlatFileDB-1.01 - 19 Jul 2008 19:09:45 GMT - Search in distribution

SVN::Notify::Filter::AuthZMail - Determines Subversion accounts to receive the email, via the AuthZSVNAccess file

This module is a filter for SVN::Notify, intended to assist with the maintenance of access control lists with Subversion repositories. This module removes the need to maintain a separate list of people to send email notification messages to (via svnn...

BORLIK/SVN-Notify-Filter-AuthZMail-1.01 - 19 Jul 2008 19:09:34 GMT - Search in distribution

git-gerrit - Git extension to implement a Gerrit workflow

Git-gerrit is a Git extension to manage changes using Gerrit Code Review <>. Git-gerrit offers a rich set of sub-commands to make it easy to create, query, amend, review, and submit changes to Gerrit, making it possibl...

GNUSTAVO/App-GitGerrit-0.022 - 15 Jan 2014 18:14:58 GMT - Search in distribution

DBIx::HA - High Availability package for DBI

"DBIx::HA" is a High Availability module for "DBI". It is implemented by overloading the DBI "connect", "prepare" and "execute" methods and can be seamlessly used without code modification except for initialization. "DBIx::HA" also works seamlessly w...

MARKSTOS/DBIx-HA-1.1 - 16 Jun 2008 14:28:25 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::Gadu - Interfejs do biblioteki dla protokołu komunikatora Gadu-Gadu

Wykorzystuje bibliotekę która jest częścią projektu EKG. Szczegółowe informacje na temat instalacji biblioteki Libgadu znajdziesz na stronie projektu EKG - .Do zbudowania pakietu Net::Gadu potrzebna jest zainstalowa...

KRZAK/Net-Gadu-1.9 - 09 Nov 2008 23:46:45 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::DNSBL::MultiDaemon - multi DNSBL prioritization

Net::DNSBL::MultiDaemon is the Perl module that implements the multi_dnsbl daemon. multi_dnsbl is a DNS emulator daemon that increases the efficacy of DNSBL look-ups in a mail system. multi_dnsbl may be used as a stand-alone DNSBL or as a plug-in for...

MIKER/Net-DNSBL-MultiDaemon-0.39 - 07 Apr 2014 23:18:39 GMT - Search in distribution

Module::Build::Cookbook - Examples of Module::Build Usage

"Module::Build" isn't conceptually very complicated, but examples are always helpful. The following recipes should help developers and/or installers put together the pieces from the other parts of the documentation....

LEONT/Module-Build-0.4224 - 30 May 2017 18:04:32 GMT - Search in distribution

Plack::Middleware::AutoRefresh - Reload pages in browsers when files are modified

Plack::Middleware::AutoRefresh is a middleware component that will reload you web pages in your browser when changes are detected in the source files. It should work with any modern browser that supports JavaScript and multiple browsers simultaneousl...

MGRIMES/Plack-Middleware-AutoRefresh-0.09 - 14 Sep 2016 20:55:56 GMT - Search in distribution

App::KGB::Client::Subversion - KGB interface to Subversion

App::KGB::Client::Subversion provides Subversion-specific retrieval of commits and changes for App::KGB::Client....

DAM/App-KGB-1.46 - 08 Mar 2018 05:35:41 GMT - Search in distribution

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