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Schedule::Week - Perl extension for creating and manipulating an hourly weekly schedule. ++

Module to make it easy to create a basic weekly schedule that includes limits on what days and hours the schedule is active during; schedule can be serialized into an easy to store format and you can quickly query a schedule to see if a given Unix ti...

MAXSCHUBE/Schedule-Week-1.0 - 08 Mar 2009 05:23:36 GMT - Search in distribution

ETLp::Schema::Result::EtlpScheduleDayOfWeek ++
DHORNE/ETLp-0.04 - 01 Dec 2012 21:33:09 GMT - Search in distribution

webmon.pl - monitor websites for updates and changes ++
YARON/WWW-Monitor-0.24 - 24 Apr 2007 18:36:01 GMT - Search in distribution

Devel::FIXME - Semi intelligent, pending issue reminder system. ++

Usually we're too busy to fix things like circular refs, edge cases and so forth when we're spewing code into the editor. This is because concentration is usually too valuable a resource to throw to waste over minor issues. But that doesn't mean the ...

NUFFIN/Devel-FIXME-0.01 - 12 Nov 2004 21:09:46 GMT - Search in distribution

Schedule::Match - Handles and detects clash between pattern-based schedules ++

This library allows you to manage schedule which has structure similar to crontab(5) format. It offers methods to detect clash between schedules (with or without duration considered), and can also tell when, and how often they clash. From the viewpoi...

TAIY/Schedule-Match-0.07 - 28 Mar 2000 13:27:29 GMT - Search in distribution

Tk::DateEntry - Drop down calendar widget for selecting dates. 2 ++

Tk::DateEntry is a drop down widget for selecting dates. It looks like the BrowseEntry widget with an Entry followed by an arrow button, but instead of displaying a Listbox the DateEntry displays a calendar with buttons for each date. The calendar co...

SREZIC/Tk-DateEntry-1.40 - 08 Dec 2013 21:39:46 GMT - Search in distribution

Schedule::Cron - cron-like scheduler for Perl subroutines 4 ++

This module provides a simple but complete cron like scheduler. I.e this module can be used for periodically executing Perl subroutines. The dates and parameters for the subroutines to be called are specified with a format known as crontab entry (see...

ROLAND/Schedule-Cron-1.01   (2 reviews) - 06 Jun 2011 10:14:02 GMT - Search in distribution

perlepigraphs - list of Perl release epigraphs 210 ++

Many Perl release announcements included an *epigraph*, a short excerpt from a literary or other creative work, chosen by the pumpking or release manager. This file assembles the known list of epigraph for posterity, and also links to the release ann...

RJBS/perl-5.20.0   (5 reviews) - 27 May 2014 01:35:13 GMT - Search in distribution

Date::Gregorian - Gregorian calendar ++

Calendars define some notation to identify days in history. The Gregorian calendar, now in wide use, was established by Pope Gregory XIII in AD 1582 as an improvement over the less accurate Julian calendar that had been in use before. Both of these c...

MHASCH/Date-Gregorian-0.12 - 19 Jun 2007 13:11:49 GMT - Search in distribution

Schedule::Cronchik - a cron-like addition to CGI scripts or something like it. ++

Sometimes I need a task, peformed on regular basis. Unfortunately, not so much hostings allows you to write your own crontabs, and getting a more powerful hosting have too high cost for required task. Well, this module give you a partial solution. ME...

IFROL/Schedule-Cronchik-0.4 - 18 Feb 2003 05:29:12 GMT - Search in distribution

Calendar::Schedule - for managing calendar schedules ++

Description ... Attempted to match the internal data representation with the iCalendar standard (RFC2445). Examples of the iCalendar fields: DTSTART, DTEND, SUMMARY, RRULE (e.g. RRULE:FREQ=WEEKLY, RRULE:FREQ=WEEKLY;INTERVAL=2 for biweekly, RRULE:FREQ...

VLADO/Calendar-Schedule-1.06 - 12 Jan 2011 14:11:43 GMT - Search in distribution

YAPC::Europe::UGR - University of Granada proposal for YAPC::EU 2015 1 ++

The OSL <http://osl.ugr.es> (Oficina de Software Libre, Free Software Office in Spanish) at the University of Granada with the support of Madrid.pm and Barcelona.pm presents this bid for YAPC::EU 2015. Organizers We are the OSL at the University of G...

JMERELO/YAPC-Europe-UGR-0.2.2 - 07 Jul 2014 16:23:20 GMT - Search in distribution

Mail::GcalReminder - Send reminders to Google calendar event guests ++

You can set gmail to send you reminders for stuff in your calendar but you can’t have it send reminders to guests. This module allows you to create scripts that grab a goodle calendar and send reminders to guests from your gmail account. INTERFACE ne...

DMUEY/Mail-GcalReminder-0.4 - 07 Jul 2014 17:22:42 GMT - Search in distribution

Schedule::TableImage - creates a graphic schedule with labelled events. User inputs the hours, days, and events to show. Uses Image::Magick to generate the image file. ++

Creates a image of a schedule with labelled events. This schedule image is a grid in which days are labelled horizontally and hours are labelled vertically. This is useful to a week view, although you can have as many days as you would like, with any...

RAHUNT/Schedule-TableImage-1.13 - 15 Mar 2004 15:03:33 GMT - Search in distribution

RT::Extension::SLA - Service Level Agreements for RT ++

RT extension to implement automated due dates using service levels. INSTALLATION "perl Makefile.PL" "make" "make install" May need root permissions "make initdb" Only run this the first time you install this module. If you run this twice, you may end...

ALEXMV/RT-Extension-SLA-1.01 - 01 Jul 2014 19:42:31 GMT - Search in distribution

Date::Manip::Config - Date::Manip configuration 5 ++

Date::Manip is a very configurable bundle of modules. Many of it's behaviors can be modified to change how date operations are done. To do this, a list of configuration variables may be set which define many Date::Manip behaviors. There are three way...

SBECK/Date-Manip-6.46   (11 reviews) - 08 Jul 2014 13:01:15 GMT - Search in distribution

Win32::TaskScheduler - Perl extension for managing Win32 jobs scheduled via Task Scheduler ++

Win32::TaskScheduler is an extension which lets you manipulate Scheduled Tasks in Perl. Since release 2.0.0 Win32::TaskScheduler breaks backward compatibility with scripts which worked with earlier versions, because of a more object oriented approach...

UNICOLET/Win32-TaskScheduler2.0.3   (1 review) - 28 Jan 2004 16:04:11 GMT - Search in distribution

Elive::Entity::Session - Session insert/update via ELM 3.x ++

Elive::Entity::Session creates and modifies meetings via the "createSession" and "updateSession" commands, introduced with Elluminate Live! Manager 3.0. METHODS insert Creates a new session on an Elluminate server, using the "createSession" command. ...

WARRINGD/Elive-1.32 - 28 Feb 2014 16:40:50 GMT - Search in distribution

WWW::Scrape::Mailman::RSS - Parse mailman listserve archives, format as an rss feed ++
HESCO/WWW-Scrape-Mailman-RSS-0.12 - 09 Feb 2011 15:30:58 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::Proxmox::VE::Cluster - Functions for the 'cluster' portion of the API ++
DJZORT/Net-Proxmox-VE-0.006 - 11 Jul 2012 11:40:22 GMT - Search in distribution

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