ScriptUtil - Object Orientated class to make typical command line scripts easier to write ++

ScriptUtil is a class to make typical command line scripts easier to write. The aim of this module is to reduce the amount of copy & paste and repeated 'scaffolding code' at the top of your scripts. As time goes by I intend to add more methods for co...

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Script::Toolbox::Util - see documentaion of Script::Toolbox ++
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WWW::Mechanize::Script::Util - some basic utility functions for scripts ++
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Locale::TextDomain::OO::Util::JavaScript - How to use the JavaScript part ++

This package also contais the utils as JavaScript. SYNOPSIS Inside of this distribution is a directory named javascript. For more information see: Locale::TextDomain::OO::JavaScript This script depends on <>. SUBROUTINES/METHODS var...

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MarpaX::Languages::ECMAScript::AST::Util - ECMAScript Translation to AST - Class method utilities ++

This modules implements some function utilities. EXPORTS The methods whoami(), whowasi() and traceAndUnpack() are exported on demand. SUBROUTINES/METHODS whoami($base) Returns the name of the calling routine. Optional $base prefix is removed. Typical...

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MODS::Record - Perl extension for handling MODS records ++

This module provides MODS ( parsing and creation for MODS Schema 3.5. METHODS MODS::Record->new(%attribs) MODS::Collection->new(%attribs) Create a new MODS record or collection. Optionally attributes can be provided...

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