Tripletail::Sendmail::Sendmail - Sendmail メール送信

sendmailコマンドを利用してメールを送信する。 METHODS new send $smail->send(-data => $data) $smail->send(-data => $data) 宛先は "-data" のヘッダから sendmail が抽出し、送信する。 Ini パラメータ commandline commandline = /usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i sendmail コマンドを指定する。オプションも同時に指定する。 ヘッダから送信先を取り出す「...

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Simple platform independent e-mail from your perl script. Only requires Perl 5 and a network connection. Mail::Sendmail contains mainly &sendmail, which takes a hash with the message to send and sends it. It is intended to be very easy to setup and u...

MIVKOVIC/Mail-Sendmail-0.79 - 06 Feb 2003 23:35:55 GMT - Search in distribution

Sendmail::Milter - Interface to sendmail's Mail Filter API

Sendmail::Milter is a Perl extension to sendmail's Mail Filter API (Milter). Note: You need to have a Perl 5.6 or later interpreter built with -Dusethreads....

CYING/Sendmail-Milter-0.18 - 10 Oct 2001 05:21:10 GMT - Search in distribution

Sendmail::Queue - Manipulate Sendmail queues directly

Sendmail::Queue provides a mechanism for directly manipulating Sendmail queue files....

DSKOLL/Sendmail-Queue-0.800 - 16 Aug 2012 17:28:31 GMT - Search in distribution

Haineko::Sendmail - Controller for /submit

Haineko::Sendmail is a controller for url /submit and receive email data as a JSON format or as a parameter in URL....

AKXLIX/Haineko-0.2.16 - 25 Jan 2014 12:23:27 GMT - Search in distribution

Sendmail::PMilter - Perl binding of Sendmail Milter protocol

Sendmail::PMilter is a mail filtering API implementing the Sendmail milter protocol in pure Perl. This allows Sendmail servers (and perhaps other MTAs implementing milter) to filter and modify mail in transit during the SMTP connection, all in Perl. ...

AVAR/Sendmail-PMilter-1.00 - 16 Apr 2011 13:16:52 GMT - Search in distribution

Sendmail::AccessDB - An interface to the Sendmail access.db list

This module is designed so that users of the Sendmail::Milter module (or other Sendmail programmers) can ascertain if a user has elected to whitelist themselves as a "spam friend" (where there should be no spam filtering on mail to them) or, where sp...

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Sendmail::M4::Utils - create and test sendmail M4 hack macro files

CML/Sendmail_M4.0.29a - 14 Oct 2007 11:47:27 GMT - Search in distribution

Mail::Salsa::Sendmail - Perl extension for blah blah blah

Stub documentation for Mail::Salsa, created by h2xs. It looks like the author of the extension was negligent enough to leave the stub unedited. Blah blah blah. telnet 25 HELO MAIL FROM: RCPT TO: test@aesb...

HDIAS/Mail-Salsa-0.15 - 28 May 2010 18:36:12 GMT - Search in distribution

Maplat::Web::SendMail - send mails to Maplat users

With this module, you can provide a simple webinterface to admin users to send mails to some or all maplat users....

CAVAC/Maplat-0.995 - 07 Feb 2011 10:28:42 GMT - Search in distribution

Sisimai::MTA::Sendmail - bounce mail parser class for v8 Sendmail.

Sisimai::MTA::Sendmail parses a bounce email which created by v8 Sendmail. Methods in the module are called from only Sisimai::Message....

AKXLIX/Sisimai-4.21.0 - 10 Apr 2017 03:53:49 GMT - Search in distribution

AxKit::XSP::Sendmail - Simple SMTP mailer tag library for AxKit eXtensible Server Pages.

The XSP sendmail: taglib adds a simple SMTP mailer to XSP via Milivoj Ivkovic's platform-neutral Mail::Sendmail module. In addition, all email addresses are validated before sending using Maurice Aubrey's Email::Valid package. This taglib is identica...

KJETILK/AxKit-XSP-Sendmail-1.5 - 17 Apr 2005 20:50:08 GMT - Search in distribution

WWW::Webrobot::SendMail - simple wrapper for sending mail

Function to send mail. Uses MIME::Lite....

STRCEK/webrobot-0.81 - 13 Nov 2006 16:10:36 GMT - Search in distribution

Email::Send::Sendmail - Send Messages using sendmail

This mailer for "Email::Send" uses "sendmail" to send a message. It *does not* try hard to find the executable. It just calls "sendmail" and expects it to be in your path. If that's not the case, or you want to explicitly define the location of your ...

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Mail::Transport::Sendmail - transmit messages using external Sendmail program

Implements mail transport using the external 'Sendmail' program. When instantiated, the mailer will look for the binary in specific system directories, and the first version found is taken. Some people use Postfix as MTA. Postfix can be installed as ...

MARKOV/Mail-Transport-3.000 - 02 Feb 2017 15:11:38 GMT - Search in distribution

Siesta::Send::Sendmail - send a Siesta::Message using sendmail

A extension to siesta that allows you to send mail using the local sendmail executable....

RCLAMP/Siesta-0.66 - 17 Oct 2003 13:40:06 GMT - Search in distribution
  • Siesta - the Siesta mailing list manager.


Mail::Sendmail::Enhanced is an enhanced version of the module Mail::Sendmail. It is still pure Perl solution. In the module the problem of encoding multibyte characters in Mail::Sendmail was solved. Some procedure of sending very easily a list of att...

FRANCISCO/Mail-Sendmail-Enhanced-0.03 - 03 Feb 2015 20:03:23 GMT - Search in distribution

Config::Manager::SendMail - Simple SMTP CLient

Dieses Modul stellt die Basisfunktionalitaet zur Verfuegung, um auf einfache Art und Weise Mails zu verschicken. Dies kann z.B. genutzt werden, um sich bei Prozessen, die im Hintergrund laufen und die nicht staendig kontrolliert werden, im Fehlerfall...

STBEY/Config-Manager-1.7 - 13 Jul 2003 14:58:55 GMT - Search in distribution

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