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Session - Object Oriented wrapper around Apache::Session to avoid its tie mechanism River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

This module is a simple wrapper around Apache::Session without the "tie" interface. Tie is too slow for web applications (think mod_perl) and you may prefere a standard OO API instead of a poor tie interface (I hate tie). You should look for Apache::...

RSOLIV/Session-0.01 - 25 Jan 2003 02:17:03 UTC - Search in distribution

E2::Session - Load session information about the current E2 user River stage zero No dependents

This module allows a user to load his session information This module provides an interface to's search interface. It inherits E2::Ticker....

JOSEWEEKS/E2-Interface-0.34 - 07 Aug 2003 17:27:16 UTC - Search in distribution

ZM::Session - sessions manager for CGI River stage zero No dependents

This module can be used anywhere you need sessions. As a session management module, it uses files with a configurable lifetime to handle your session data. For those of you familiar with PHP, you will notice that the session syntax is a little bit si...

MAXICO/ZM-Session-0.2.1 - 05 Jun 2009 13:54:12 UTC - Search in distribution

App::Session - represents a sequence of multiple events perhaps executed in separate processes River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

A Session class models the sequence of events associated with a use of the system. These events may occur in different processes. For instance, in a web environment, when a new user arrives at a web site, he is allocated a new Session, even though he...

SPADKINS/App-Context-0.968 - 09 Jun 2010 21:33:19 UTC - Search in distribution

CAM::Session - DBI and cookie CGI session state maintenance River stage zero No dependents

CAM::Session interacts with the CGI program, the database and the visitor's cookie to create a storage space for persistent data....

CLOTHO/CAM-Session-1.03 - 26 Apr 2005 17:49:59 UTC - Search in distribution

CGI::Session - persistent session data in CGI applications River stage two • 43 direct dependents • 56 total dependents

CGI::Session provides an easy, reliable and modular session management system across HTTP requests....

MARKSTOS/CGI-Session-4.48 - 11 Jul 2011 13:02:37 UTC - Search in distribution

Eve::Session - a persistent session class. River stage zero No dependents

Eve::Session is a persistent session class allowing to share an identified state between application calls. The class adapts the package CGI::Session. Constructor arguments "id" a session ID string (it can differ from the actual ID, see the "get_id()...

ZINIGOR/Eve-0.06 - 05 May 2014 10:32:37 UTC - Search in distribution

IPC::Session - Drive ssh or other interactive shell, local or remote (like 'expect') River stage zero No dependents

This module encapsulates the open3() function call (see IPC::Open3) and its associated filehandles. This makes it easy to maintain multiple interactive command sessions, such as multiple persistent 'ssh' and/or 'rsh' sessions, within the same perl sc...

STEVEGT/IPC-Session-0.05 - 16 Apr 2001 06:26:27 UTC - Search in distribution

PHP::Session - read / write PHP session files River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

PHP::Session provides a way to read / write PHP4 session files, with which you can make your Perl application session shared with PHP4. If you like Apache::Session interface for session management, there is a glue for Apache::Session of this module, ...

MIYAGAWA/PHP-Session-0.27 - 30 Jan 2009 19:41:12 UTC - Search in distribution

POE::Session - a generic event-driven task River stage three • 401 direct dependents • 539 total dependents

POE::Session and its subclasses translate events from POE::Kernel's generic dispatcher into the particular calling conventions suitable for application code. In design pattern parlance, POE::Session classes are adapters between POE::Kernel and applic...

BINGOS/POE-1.370 - 23 Mar 2022 12:47:09 UTC - Search in distribution
  • POE - portable multitasking and networking framework for any event loop
  • POE::Loop - documentation for POE's event loop bridge interface
  • POE::NFA - an event-driven state machine (nondeterministic finite automaton)
  • 6 more results from POE »

WWW::Session - Generic session management engine for web applications River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

Generic session management engine for web applications with multiple backends, object serialization and data validation...

HOREA/WWW-Session-0.12 - 10 Dec 2014 09:24:54 UTC - Search in distribution

Arch::Session - access arch archives River stage zero No dependents

Arch::Session provides an interface to access changesets and logs stored in arch archives....

MIGO/Arch-0.5.2 - 08 Mar 2010 15:15:52 UTC - Search in distribution
  • Arch - GNU Arch Perl library

Data::Session - Persistent session data management River stage one • 3 direct dependents • 5 total dependents

Data::Session is typically used by a CGI script to preserve state data between runs of the script. This gives the end user the illusion that the script never exits. It can also be used to communicate between 2 scripts, as long as they agree beforehan...

RSAVAGE/Data-Session-1.18 - 14 Feb 2021 05:38:51 UTC - Search in distribution

HTTP::Session - simple session River stage zero No dependents

Yet another session manager. easy to integrate with PSGI =)...

TOKUHIROM/HTTP-Session-0.48 - 07 Jan 2013 05:29:13 UTC - Search in distribution

PApp::Session - manage session-specific data. River stage zero No dependents

This module manages session-specific variables, that is, values that get associated with all accesses within a single session. Session variables keep their value when old states get re-requested, as opposed to state variables that change back to thei...

MLEHMANN/PApp-2.2 - 17 Feb 2020 11:04:59 UTC - Search in distribution

YAWF::Session - Session management for web users River stage zero No dependents

Object for web user sessions...

SEWI/YAWF-0.01 - 16 Jun 2011 09:08:18 UTC - Search in distribution
  • YAWF - Yet another web framework

HTTP::Session - simple session River stage two • 8 direct dependents • 11 total dependents

Yet another session manager. easy to integrate with PSGI =)...

TOKUHIROM/http-session-0.50 - 13 Feb 2020 14:47:27 UTC - Search in distribution

Kwiki::Session - Session support in your Kwiki plugin River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This class help out when a Kwiki plugin writer wants session support. It has only one method called "load", which will automatically recover the correct session id, and create one if necessary. "load" method returns a "CGI::Session" object, so please...

GUGOD/Kwiki-Session-0.01 - 26 Sep 2005 19:01:01 UTC - Search in distribution

MojoX::Session - Session management for Mojo River stage one • 6 direct dependents • 6 total dependents

MojoX::Session is a session management for Mojo. Based on CGI::Session and HTTP::Session but without any dependencies except the core ones....

VTI/MojoX-Session-0.33 - 11 Mar 2015 08:58:59 UTC - Search in distribution

Notes::Session - Perl extension for blah blah blah River stage zero No dependents

Stub documentation for Notes::Session, created by h2xs. It looks like the author of the extension was negligent enough to leave the stub unedited. Blah blah blah. EXPORT None by default....

CCLOUTIER/Notes - 20 May 2003 13:00:47 UTC - Search in distribution
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