Set::CrossProduct - work with the cross product of two or more sets

Given sets S(1), S(2), ..., S(k), each of cardinality n(1), n(2), ..., n(k) respectively, the cross product of the sets is the set CP of ordered tuples such that { <s1, s2, ..., sk> | s1 => S(1), s2 => S(2), .... sk => S(k). } If you do not like that...

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  • cross - output the cross product of two or more sets

Set::Product - generates the cartesian product of a set of lists

The "Set::Product" module generates the cartesian product of a set of lists....

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Beam::Wire - Lightweight Dependency Injection Container

Beam::Wire is a dependency injection (DI) container. A DI (dependency injection) container is a framework/mechanism where dependency creation and instantiation is handled automatically (e.g. creates instances of classes that implement a given depende...

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Bundle::BDFOY - install all modules by BDFOY

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Math::Vector - package containing functions for vector mathematics and associated operations

This package facilitates the mathematical manipulation of 3-dimensional vector quantities. Two-dimensional vectors are supported only by setting one of the orthogonal components to 0, and n-D vectors where n > 3 are not supported. Given the limitatio...

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Set::Product::XS - speed up Set::Product

The "Set::Product::XS" module provides a faster XS implementation for "Set::Product". It will automatically be used, if available....

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Operator::Util - A selection of array and hash functions that extend operators

Warning: This is an early release of Operator::Util. Not all features described in this document are complete. Please see the "TODO" list for details. A pragmatic approach at providing the functionality of many of Perl 6's meta-operators in Perl 5. T...

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Test::ManyParams - module to test many params as one test

GENERAL PRINCIPLES This module helps to tests many parameters at once. In general, it calls the given subroutine with every combination of the given parameter values. The combinations are created with building a cross product. Especially it avoids wr...

BIGJ/Test-ManyParams-0.10 - 13 May 2003 16:04:59 GMT - Search in distribution

Stream::Aggregate - generate aggregate information from a stream of data

Stream::Aggregate is a general-purpose aggregation module that will aggregate from a stream of perl objects. While it was written specifically for log processing, it can be used for other things too. Aggregation has two key elements: how you group th...

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Text::Glob::DWIW - Yet another Text::Glob{::Expand,}

"Text::Glob::DWIW" implements "glob"(3) style expansion and also matching against text. If you want to look at usage examples first, jump to the "textglob_expand" explanation at the start of the FUNCTIONS section....

JOSEF/Text-Glob-DWIW-0.01 - 31 Dec 2013 16:14:58 GMT - Search in distribution

Data::TableAutoSum - Table that calculates the results of rows and cols automatic

This module represents a table with automatic calculation of the row/column sums. FUNCTIONS new(rows => $nr_of_rows || \@rows, cols => $nr_of_cols || \@cols) Creates a new, zero filled table. You can define the rows or cols with a ref to an array of ...

BIGJ/Data-TableAutoSum-0.08 - 12 Aug 2002 11:24:53 GMT - Search in distribution

Regexp::Exhaustive - Find all possible matches, including backtracked and overlapping, of a pattern against a string

This module does an exhaustive match of a pattern against a string. That means that it will match all ways possible, including all backtracked and overlapping matches. It works a lot like the familiar "m//g" regarding return values. Beware that exhau...

LODIN/Regexp-Exhaustive-0.04   (1 review) - 06 Jan 2008 06:03:45 GMT - Search in distribution

PDL::LinearAlgebra - Linear Algebra utils for PDL

This module provides a convenient interface to PDL::LinearAlgebra::Real and PDL::LinearAlgebra::Complex. Its primary purpose is educational. You have to know that routines defined here are not optimized, particularly in term of memory. Since Blas and...

CHM/PDL-LinearAlgebra-0.12 - 08 Jun 2015 14:47:37 GMT - Search in distribution

Task::BeLike::YANICK - like Yanick? Be like Yanick!

This Task module installs the modules that I use on a regular basis. Wait, there is more! It can also update the modules that I use on a regular basis! To do that, do TASK_UPGRADE=1 cpan -f Task::BeLike::YANICK...

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Math::Geometry::Planar - A collection of planar geometry functions

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