Solaris::Kvm - Perl interface to Solaris Kernel Virtual Memory Access Library (libkvm)

Solaris::Kvm allows read access to Solaris kernel variables through the tied hash interface. By default, the module reads the /dev/ksyms namelist, but it is also possible to use an alternative namelist by passing its name to the module constructor: $...

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pb helps you build various packages directly from your project sources. In order to work correctly, it relies on a certain number of configuration files. Most of these configuration parameters can be setup in all the configuration files, however, the...

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BSD::Process - Information about running processes on BSD platforms

"BSD::Process" creates Perl objects that render the information the BSD kernel maintains about current processes. These may then be queried, extracted and reported upon. This allows a more natural style of programming (as opposed to scraping the outp...

DLAND/BSD-Process-0.07 - 22 Jun 2013 17:36:58 GMT - Search in distribution

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