Spread - Perl extension for the Spread group communication system

Understanding through practice ;) See man pages for SP_connect, SP_join, SP_multicast, SP_receive, SP_poll, SP_error, SP_leave, SP_disconnect. $sperrno holds either the integer spread error or a descriptive string depending on the context in which $s...

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Spread::Messaging - A Perl extension to the Spread Group Communications toolkit

To receive messages from a Spread network, your application could be as simple as this: use Spread::Messaging; sub handle_group { my $spread = shift; printf("Message: %s\n", $spread->message); } main: { my $spread; $spread = Spread::Messaging->new();...

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Spread::Queue - One-of-many queued messaging delivery, using Spread

Message-queueing layer using Spread for message delivery. Queues are managed by a dedicated manager process (sqm). This agent coordinates task assignments for some number of workers who accept messages delivered to a queue (a Spread public group). Wo...

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Logger::Spread - Perl implementation of mod_log_spread for multicasting access logs.

Apache::Log::Spread provides logging handlers to allow for Apache access logs to be multocast to a spread group. The configuration interface is a super-set of the Apache mod_log_config interface and allows for expansion of perl code....

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Spread::Session - OO wrapper for Spread messaging toolkit

Wrapper module for Spread.pm, providing an object-oriented interface to the Spread messaging toolkit. The existing Spread.pm package is a straightforward functional interface to the Spread C API. A session represents a connection to a Spread messagin...

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Spread::Message - provide messaging using the Spread toolkit

The Spread package provides a simple wrapper around the spread toolkit. We try to provide a much higher level wrapper. By providing: - Simple methods to send serialised Perl structures between programs - Callback registration - Extensible callbacks f...

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Log::Dispatch::Spread - Perl extension for logging Log::Dispatch messages to a Spread cluster

This module allows for logging via the Log::Dispatch system to a Spread cluster channel of your choice....

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Beagle::Cmd::Command::spread - spread entries

"spread" is used to broadcast entries via command specified by "--command". By default, each entry will be converted to an MIME message, You can use "--template" or "--template-file" to override this, in which case each entry will be converted to a p...

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Log::Log4perl::Appender::Spread - Log to a spread group

This is a simple appender for writing to a spread group....

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POE::Component::Spread - handle Spread communications in POE

POE::Component::Spread is a POE component for talking to Spread servers....

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Spread::Client::Constant - Spread::Client constants PM.

Constants used by Spread::Client. These are generated from the Spread Toolkit header file. I'm breaking these out since I am considering breaking out the actual message creation module Spread::Client::Frame from the main Spread::Client distro incase ...

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POE::Filter::SpreadClient - Implements the Spread filter for POE

This module implements the POE::Filter interface for Spread....

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Data::SpreadPagination - Page numbering and spread pagination

The object produced by Data::SpreadPagination can be used to create a spread pagination navigator. It inherits from Data::Page, and has access to all of the methods from this object. In addition, it also provides methods for creating a pagination spr...

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Maplat::Web::DocsSpreadSheet - edit spreadsheets complete with graphs

With the fantastic jquery plugin jQuery.sheet(), this module provides a full-fledged Spreadsheet, complete with formulas, charts and graphs. Most of the actions are done through AJAX. Full-text search is provided by DocsSearch....

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Log::Log4perl::Appender::SpreadSession - Log to Spread

This is am appender for publishing log messages to a spread group using Spread::Session. OPTIONS group Name of the group to publish to. spread_name A string which identifies the spread host and port in the format "<port>@<host>". Passed to "Spread::S...

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GD - Interface to Gd Graphics Library

GD.pm is a Perl interface to Thomas Boutell's gd graphics library (version 2.01 or higher; see below). GD allows you to create color drawings using a large number of graphics primitives, and emit the drawings as PNG files. GD defines the following fo...

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