Statistics::R - Perl interface with the R statistical program River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

*Statistics::R* is a module to controls the R interpreter (R project for statistical computing: <>). It lets you start R, pass commands to it and retrieve their output. A shared mode allows several instances of *Statistics::R...

FANGLY/Statistics-R-0.34 - 19 Oct 2015 17:40:42 UTC - Search in distribution

Statistics::R::IO - Perl interface to serialized R data River stage zero No dependents

This module is a pure-Perl implementation for reading native data files produced by the R statistical computing environment <>) It provides routines for reading files in the two primary file formats used in R for serializing n...

DAVOR/Statistics-R-IO-1.0002 - 02 Aug 2017 13:08:49 UTC - Search in distribution

Statistics::useR - Embed R to let Perl speak statistics. River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

The Statistics::useR is intended to integrate statistical power of R and comprehensive power of Perl. It defines a set of methods that make it possible to communicate easily between Perl and R. Furthermore, it offers a parallel environment for users ...

XINZHENG/Statistics-useR-0.1.1 - 23 May 2011 16:22:25 UTC - Search in distribution

Statistics::NiceR - interface to the R programming language River stage zero No dependents

This module provides an interface to the R programming language for statistics by embedding the R interpreter using its C API. This allows direct access to R's functions and allows sending and receiving data efficiently. CONVERSION In order to give t...

ZMUGHAL/Statistics-NiceR-0.03 - 24 Dec 2014 05:55:29 UTC - Search in distribution

Statistics::embedR - Object-oriented interface for Statistics::useR. River stage zero No dependents

This module provides an object-oriented interface for Statistics::useR. And provides some additional useful methods for invoking R. Almost all R functions are automatically available for you. If the R functions have dots in the name, you can call it ...

QIUHW/Statistics-embedR-v0.10.1 - 27 Jan 2011 16:24:30 UTC - Search in distribution

Statistics::RVector - Mathematical/statistical vector implementation mimicking that of R stats River stage zero No dependents

The RVector class is a perl implementation of the base R stats language mathematical vector to enable better statistical/numerical/mathematical analysis of data in Perl. This implementation is still very beta, but should work sufficiently for vector ...

BALDOWN/Statistics-RVector-0.1 - 06 Feb 2011 01:57:08 UTC - Search in distribution

lib/Statistics/RserveClient/ River stage zero No dependents

DJUNKIM/Statistics-RserveClient-0.12 - 15 Jan 2014 07:49:01 UTC - Search in distribution

R::Writer - Generate R Scripts From Perl River stage zero No dependents

R::Writer is a tool to generate R scripts for the "R" Statistical Computing Tool from within Perl. It is intended to be a builder tool -- for example, you have a lot of data in your database, and you want to feed it to R -- and not necessarily a "sex...

DMAKI/R-Writer-0.00001 - 01 Mar 2008 12:35:15 UTC - Search in distribution

B::Stats - print optree statistics River stage zero No dependents

Print statistics for all generated ops. static analysis at compile-time, static analysis at end-time to include all runtime added modules, and dynamic analysis at run-time, as with a profiler. The purpose is to help you in your goal: no bloat;...

RURBAN/B-Stats-0.09 - 08 Aug 2014 22:27:49 UTC - Search in distribution

App::Dusage - provide disk usage statistics River stage zero No dependents

Ever wondered why your free disk space gradually decreases? This program may provide you with some useful clues. dusage is a Perl program which produces disk usage statistics. These statistics include the number of blocks that files or directories oc...

JV/App-Dusage-2.02 - 15 Jun 2021 06:37:02 UTC - Search in distribution

du - display disk usage statistics River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

The du utility displays the file system block usage for each file argument and for each directory in the file hierarchy rooted in each directory argument. If no file is specified, the block usage of the hierarchy rooted in the current directory is di...

BDFOY/PerlPowerTools-1.025 - 16 Jun 2021 05:52:13 UTC - Search in distribution

biopop - SNP statistics based on BioPerl River stage zero No dependents

biopop is a pop-genetics utility based on BioPerl modules including Bio::PopGen::Utilities, Bio::PopGen::Statistics, and Bio::PopGen::Population. Most methods are not in BioPerl and have not been validated. Use with caution....

ROCKY/Bio-BPWrapper-1.13 - 02 Apr 2020 19:04:03 UTC - Search in distribution
  • bioaln - Alignment manipulations based on BioPerl
  • biotree - Tree manipulations based on BioPerl

pl - Perl One-Liner Examples River stage zero No dependents

PFEIFFER/App-pl-0.59.0 - 13 Oct 2020 21:50:51 UTC - Search in distribution
  • pl - Perl One-Liner Magic Wand

Nama - multitrack recorder and digital audio workstation River stage zero No dependents

A multitrack audio application for recording, effects processing, editing, mixing, mastering and live performance. It can also perform general-purpose audio processing, such as 5.1 to stereo conversion. Nama uses Ecasound as the audio processing engi...

GANGLION/Audio-Nama-1.216 - 29 Sep 2019 20:37:00 UTC - Search in distribution

lcpan - Manage your local CPAN mirror River stage two • 40 direct dependents • 64 total dependents

This application is a convenient bundling of "CPAN::Mini" and an indexer so in addition to creating your local CPAN mirror and installing modules from it, you can also query various things about your local CPAN mirror quickly from the command-line (a...

PERLANCAR/App-lcpan-1.068 - 05 Jun 2021 14:51:12 UTC - Search in distribution

XSH - scripting language for XPath-based editing of XML River stage zero No dependents

CHOROBA/XML-XSH2-2.2.9 - 28 Apr 2021 18:24:18 UTC - Search in distribution

XSH River stage zero No dependents

CHOROBA/XML-XSH-1.8.6 - 09 Mar 2018 23:41:22 UTC - Search in distribution

CPAN - query, download and build perl modules from CPAN sites River stage three • 53 direct dependents • 511 total dependents

The CPAN module automates or at least simplifies the make and install of perl modules and extensions. It includes some primitive searching capabilities and knows how to use LWP, HTTP::Tiny, Net::FTP and certain external download clients to fetch dist...

ANDK/CPAN-2.28 - 13 Jun 2020 04:57:39 UTC - Search in distribution

Fsdb - a flat-text database for shell scripting River stage zero No dependents

JOHNH/Fsdb-2.73-2 - 18 May 2021 21:45:38 UTC - Search in distribution

Egbk - Run-time routines for River stage zero No dependents

INA/Char-GBK-1.15 - 02 May 2019 03:37:31 UTC - Search in distribution
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