Storable - persistence for Perl data structures 31 ++

The Storable package brings persistence to your Perl data structures containing SCALAR, ARRAY, HASH or REF objects, i.e. anything that can be conveniently stored to disk and retrieved at a later time. It can be used in the regular procedural way by c...

AMS/Storable-2.51   (4 reviews) - 02 Jul 2014 11:09:04 GMT - Search in distribution

PApp::Storable - persistence for Perl data structures ++

The Storable package brings persistence to your Perl data structures containing SCALAR, ARRAY, HASH or REF objects, i.e. anything that can be conveniently stored to disk and retrieved at a later time. It can be used in the regular procedural way by c...

MLEHMANN/PApp-2.0   (1 review) - 19 Mar 2013 12:24:55 GMT - Search in distribution
  • PApp::Env - communicate between processes and the outside.
  • PApp::Callback - a workaround for the problem of nonserializable code.

Storable::AMF - serializing/deserializing AMF0/AMF3 data ++

This module is (de)serializer for Adobe's AMF0/AMF3 (Action Message Format ver 0-3). To deserialize AMF3 objects you can export function from Storable::AMF3 package Almost all function implemented in XS/C for speed, except file operation....

GRIAN/Storable-AMF-1.07   (3 reviews) - 25 Apr 2015 19:21:23 GMT - Search in distribution

Process::Storable - Storable-based implementation of Process::Serializable ++

"Process::Storable" provides an implementation of the Process::Serializable role using the standard Storable module from the Perl core. It is not itself a subclass of Process so you will need to inherit from both Process (or a subclass) and Process::...

ADAMK/Process-0.30 - 27 Oct 2011 00:35:59 GMT - Search in distribution

Memoize::Storable - store Memoized data in Storable database 12 ++

See Memoize....

MJD/Memoize-1.03   (2 reviews) - 22 Apr 2012 21:19:03 GMT - Search in distribution

Storable::Ref - Persistent automatic variables vi Storable ++
VANY/Storable-Ref-1.1 - 27 Feb 2009 13:32:23 GMT - Search in distribution

Tie::Storable - Stores your object when untied via Storable 1 ++

Tie::Storable stores tied variables when untied. Usually that happens when you variable is out of scope. You can of course explicitly untie the variable or "tied($variable)->save" but the whole idea is not to forget to save it. This module uses Stora...

DANKOGAI/Tie-SaveLater-0.04 - 23 Mar 2006 04:39:45 GMT - Search in distribution

PML::Storable ++

What does it do?...

PJONES/PML-0.4.1 - 31 Jul 2000 20:52:34 GMT - Search in distribution

Coro::Storable - offer a more fine-grained Storable interface 34 ++

This module implements a few functions from the Storable module in a way so that it cede's more often. Some applications (such as the Deliantra game server) sometimes need to load large Storable objects without blocking the server for a long time. Th...

MLEHMANN/Coro-6.42   (4 reviews) - 11 Feb 2015 19:31:39 GMT - Search in distribution
  • Coro - the only real threads in perl
  • Coro::Util - various utility functions.

DirDB::Storable - DirDB extended to pass complex things to Storable ++

DirDB::Storable is an extended version of DirDB data persistence tool that uses the Storable module to store and retreive data that is other than scalars and hash references. tie my %d => DirDB, '/tmp/foodb'; $d{ref1}->{ref2}->{ref3}->{ref4} = 'somet...

DAVIDNICO/DirDB-Storable-0.07 - 09 Dec 2003 04:35:38 GMT - Search in distribution

Collection::Storable - class for collections of data, stored in files. ++

Class for collections of data, stored in files....

ZAG/Collection-0.58 - 08 Apr 2013 12:48:00 GMT - Search in distribution

Storable::CouchDB - Persistences for Perl data structures in Apache CouchDB ++

The Storable::CouchDB package brings persistence to your Perl data structures containing SCALAR, ARRAY, HASH or anything that can be serialized into JSON. The concept for this package is to provide similar capabilities as Storable::store and Storable...

MRDVT/Storable-CouchDB-0.04 - 02 Feb 2011 05:33:49 GMT - Search in distribution

JBD::Core::Storable - abstraction around retrieve/nstore 1 ++
JBD/JBD-0.04 - 08 Jul 2014 22:09:14 GMT - Search in distribution

Class::DBI::Storable - Mixin Storable hooks to freeze and thaw objects ++

Class::DBI attempts to maintain the the uniqueness of objects in memory. Serializers such as Storable will generally violate this constraint when an object is frozen and thawed. This mixin module makes your Class::DBI objects serializable with Storab...

BOWMANBS/Class-DBI-Storable-0.01 - 03 Dec 2005 03:06:18 GMT - Search in distribution

Badger::Codec::Storable - encode/decode data using Storable 1 ++

This module implements a subclass of Badger::Codec which uses the "freeze()" and "thaw()" subroutines provided by the Storable module to encode and decode data. It a very thin wrapper around the Storable module and offers no functional advantage over...

ABW/Badger-0.09 - 08 Feb 2012 08:09:33 GMT - Search in distribution

Perl::Critic::Storable - policy for ++

An additional Perl::Critic policy for using the Storable module: * Perl::Critic::Policy::Storable::ProhibitStoreOrFreeze...

MATTD/Perl-Critic-Storable-0.01 - 11 Aug 2008 09:02:00 GMT - Search in distribution

Class::Std::Storable - Support for creating serializable "inside-out" classes ++

Class::Std introduced the "inside-out" model for classes (perldoc Class::Std for details). Among its salient features is complete encapsulation; that is, an object's data may only be accessed via its methods, unlike the usual hashref model that permi...

LMEYER/Class-Std-Storable-v0.0.1 - 25 Aug 2005 03:56:35 GMT - Search in distribution

Class::Std::Fast::Storable - Fast Storable InsideOut objects ++

Class::Std::Fast::Storable does the same as Class::Std::Storable does for Class::Std. The API is the same as Class::Std::Storable's, with few exceptions....

ACID/Class-Std-Fast-v0.0.8 - 26 May 2008 11:31:23 GMT - Search in distribution

Dancer::Session::Storable - Storable-file-based session backend for Dancer ++

This module implements a session engine by using Storable to serialise data into files. Sessions are stored in a *session_dir* as Storable files. Storable offers solid performance and reliable serialisation of various data structures. "Storable::nsto...

BIGPRESH/Dancer-Session-Storable-0.06   (1 review) - 26 Nov 2012 19:36:56 GMT - Search in distribution

App::Serializer::Storable - Interface for serialization and deserialization 1 ++

A Serializer allows you to serialize a structure of data of arbitrary depth to a scalar and deserialize it back to the structure. The Storable serializer uses the Storable class to perform the deserialization and serialization....

SPADKINS/App-Context-0.968 - 09 Jun 2010 21:33:19 GMT - Search in distribution