Stow - manage the installation of multiple software packages

This is the backend Perl module for GNU Stow, a program for managing the installation of software packages, keeping them separate ("/usr/local/stow/emacs" vs. "/usr/local/stow/perl", for example) while making them appear to be installed in the same p...

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  • Stow::Util - general utilities
  • stow - software package installation manager

MIDI::Event - MIDI events

Functions and lists to do with MIDI events and MIDI event structures. An event is a list, like: ( 'note_on', 141, 4, 50, 64 ) where the first element is the event name, the second is the delta-time, and the remainder are further parameters, per the e...

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makepp_cookbook - The best way to set up makefiles for various situations

I discovered that practically no one ever reads a manual for a make tool, because frankly no one really is interested in the make process itself--we are only interested in results. So this cookbook was put together in hopes that people will be able t...

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Data::Passphrase - rule-based passphrase strength checker

This module provides object-oriented and procedural interfaces for checking passphrase strength against a set of customizable rules. An Apache handler that provides HTTP and SOAP services makes strength-checking possible by remote applications....

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Yote::ObjProvider - Serves Yote objects. Configured to a persistance engine.

This module is essentially a private module and its methods will not be called directly by programs. This module is the front end for assigning IDs to objects, fetching objects, keeping track of objects that need saving (are dirty) and saving all dir...

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"Net::BEEP::Lite::BaseProfile" is the base class Net::BEEP::Lite profiles should inherit from/implement. It is not intended to be instantiated on its own. This class provides the basic structure of profile. In general, subclasses only need to overrid...

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