Sub::Versive - Subroutine pre- and post-handlers ++

The synopsis pretty much tells you all you need to know. You can add pre- and post-actions to subroutines, stack them, have them force a return, and make a subroutine available from everywhere. I'm sorry, incidentally, that this needs 5.6.1 and above...

SIMON/Sub-Versive-0.01 - 19 Feb 2001 21:30:20 GMT - Search in distribution

Hook::WrapSub - wrap subs with pre- and post-call hooks ++

There are a number of other modules that provide the same functionality as this module, some of them better. Have a look at the list in SEE ALSO, below, before you decide which to use. wrap_subs This function enables intercepting a call to any named ...

NEILB/Hook-WrapSub-0.04 - 21 Jun 2014 21:39:12 GMT - Search in distribution

Class::Trigger - Mixin to add / call inheritable triggers 3 ++

Class::Trigger is a mixin class to add / call triggers (or hooks) that get called at some points you specify. METHODS By using this module, your class is capable of following methods. add_trigger Foo->add_trigger($triggerpoint => $sub); $foo->add_tri...

MIYAGAWA/Class-Trigger-0.14 - 11 Oct 2009 22:57:44 GMT - Search in distribution

Devel::TraceCalls - Track calls to subs, classes and object instances ++

ALPHA CODE ALERT. This module may change before "official" release". Devel::TraceCalls allows subroutine calls to be tracked on a per-subroutine, per-package, per-class, or per object instance basis. This can be quite useful when trying to figure out...

COSIMO/Devel-TraceCalls-0.04 - 26 Apr 2005 21:05:39 GMT - Search in distribution

Bundle::Advent::Year2007 - Modules of the 2007 Perl Advent Calendar ++
DAVIDRW/Advent-Bundles-0.05 - 21 Feb 2011 18:30:09 GMT - Search in distribution

Acme::OneHundredNotOut - A raise of the bat, a tip of the hat 1 ++
SIMON/Acme-OneHundredNotOut-100   (5 reviews) - 24 Jun 2004 14:21:59 GMT - Search in distribution