Subtitles - handle video subtitles in various text formats ++

Video files (avi mpeg etc) are sometimes accompanied with subtitles, which are currently very popular as text files. "Subtitles" provides means for simple loading, re-timing, and storing these subtitle files. A command-line tool subs for the same pur...

KARASIK/Subtitles-1.04 - 14 Feb 2012 13:23:24 GMT - Search in distribution
  • subs - convert, join, split, and re-time subtitles
  • subplay - play subtitles file

WWW::Sucksub::Attila - automated access to attila french subtitles database ++
TFOUCART/WWW-Sucksub-Attila-0.06 - 10 Feb 2006 17:04:40 GMT - Search in distribution

Lingua::Norms::SUBTLEX - Retrieve frequency values and frequency-based lists for words from Subtitles Corpora ++

The module facilitates access to raw data and descriptive statistics on word-frequency and parts-of-speech, as provided in the SUBTLEX-DE, SUBTLEX-NL, SUBTLEX-UK and SUBTLEX-US databases (see REFERENCES). For example, the SUBTLEX-US database is based...

RGARTON/Lingua-Norms-SUBTLEX-0.05 - 28 Feb 2015 02:52:02 GMT - Search in distribution

tv_to_text - Convert XMLTV listings to text. ++

Read XMLTV data and output a summary of listings. The programme titles, subtitles, times and channels are shown. --output FILE write to FILE rather than standard output SEE ALSO xmltv(5). AUTHOR Ed Avis, ...

EDAVIS/xmltv-0.5.33 - 08 May 2004 11:59:24 GMT - Search in distribution
  • tv_to_latex - Convert XMLTV listings to LaTeX source.

adjust-srt - adjust SRT timings and strip HTML tags (if necessary) ++
BKB/Video-Subtitle-SRT-0.05 - 08 Feb 2014 01:10:46 GMT - Search in distribution

Tk::Wizard - GUI for step-by-step interactive logical process ++

In the context of this name space, a Wizard is defined as a graphic user interface (GUI) that presents information, and possibly performs tasks, step-by-step via a series of different pages. Pages (or 'screens', or 'Wizard frames') may be chosen logi...

LGODDARD/Tk-Wizard-2.151 - 16 Mar 2010 15:32:49 GMT - Search in distribution

Video::ZVBI - VBI decoding (teletext, closed caption, ...) ++

This module provides a Perl interface to libzvbi. The ZVBI library allows to access broadcast data services such as teletext or closed caption via analog video or DVB capture devices. Official library description: "The ZVBI library provides routines ...

TOMZO/Video-ZVBI-0.2.6 - 02 Jan 2011 16:51:37 GMT - Search in distribution

Video::FFmpeg - Retrieve video properties using libavformat such as: height width codec fps ++

Video::FFmpeg is a factory class for working with video files. Video::FFmpeg utilises FFmpeg's libavformat, and provides a basic interface. EXPORT None by default. SEE ALSO Video::FFmpeg Video::FFmpeg::AVFormat Video::FFmpeg::AVStream Video::FFmpeg::...

RANDOMMAN/Video-FFmpeg-0.47 - 28 Oct 2010 02:42:18 GMT - Search in distribution

dvbt-multirec - Record streams from a multiplex ++

Script that uses the perl Linux::DVB::DVBT package to record multiple programs at the same time (as long as they are within the same multiplex - use dvbt-chans with -multi option to get the list of programs grouped by multiplex). Arguments The argume...

SDPRICE/Linux-DVB-DVBT-2.19 - 18 Mar 2013 15:13:18 GMT - Search in distribution

get_flash_videos - Video downloader for various Flash-based video hosting sites ++

Download the Flash video from the web pages given in "URL", choosing suitable filenames for each. Alternatively if "SEARCH" is specified (either quoted or unquoted), get_flash_videos will search Google Video for "SEARCH", and present a list of videos...

MONSIEUR/App-get_flash_videos-1.24   (1 review) - 01 Dec 2010 15:21:53 GMT - Search in distribution

TV::Humax::Foxsat - Parse metadata files from your Humax satellite TV receiver. ++
SPUDSOUP/TV-Humax-Foxsat-0.06 - 27 May 2014 08:19:03 GMT - Search in distribution

WWW::Sucksub::Frigo - Automated access to frigorifix subtibles database ++
TFOUCART/WWW-Sucksub-Frigo-0.03 - 02 Dec 2005 08:21:06 GMT - Search in distribution

App::Music::PlayTab - Print chords of songs in a tabular fashion. ++

This utility program is intended for musicians. It produces tabular chord diagrams that are very handy for playing rhythm guitar or bass in jazz, blues, and popular music. I wrote it since in official (and unofficial) sheet music, I find it often har...

JV/App-Music-PlayTab-2.025 - 26 Mar 2014 11:49:51 GMT - Search in distribution

WWW::Sucksub::Vostfree - automated access to ++
TFOUCART/WWW-Sucksub-Vostfree-0.05 - 02 Dec 2005 09:41:17 GMT - Search in distribution

lib/WWW/SVT/Play/ ++

CONSTRUCTOR WWW::SVT::Play::Video->new($uri) Construct a WWW::SVT::Play::Video object by passing the URL to the video you're interested in. A second argument consisting of a hashref of options is reserved for future use. url $svtp->url Returns the UR...

OLOF/WWW-SVT-Play-0.12 - 23 Mar 2013 12:07:06 GMT - Search in distribution

DVD::Read::Dvd::Ifo::Vts - Access to DVD IFO file using libdvdread ++

This module provide a low level access DVD IFO files using libdvdread. This module allow you to get video titles informations step by step like it is done by libdvdread. Notice functions provided by module are really basics, then you really need to u...

NANARDON/DVD-Read-0.04 - 06 Apr 2010 09:58:24 GMT - Search in distribution

WWW::Sucksub::Extratitles - automated access to ++
TFOUCART/WWW-Sucksub-Extratitles-0.01 - 26 Sep 2006 08:30:27 GMT - Search in distribution

WWW::Sucksub::Divxstation - automated access to ++
TFOUCART/WWW-Sucksub-Divxstation-0.04 - 15 Nov 2005 09:17:58 GMT - Search in distribution

File::Spec::PublicationPage - Parse a dated and page numbered archive file name in a system independant way. ++
DALEAMON/Document-0.03-3 - 01 Sep 2008 10:56:14 GMT - Search in distribution

Lingua::ZH::PinyinConvert::ID - Convert between various Chinese pinyin system and Indonesian transliteration ++

This module converts between various Chinese pinyin systems and Indonesian transliteration. Currently these pinyin systems are supported: Hanyu Pinyin (Mandarin) and Jyutping (Cantonese). Indonesian transliteration is admittedly non-standardized and ...

SHARYANTO/Lingua-ZH-PinyinConvert-ID-0.04 - 09 Sep 2013 11:27:25 GMT - Search in distribution