Supervisor - A process to supervisor other processes ++

A supervisor is a process that controls other processes. One of the most well known ones is /sbin/init, which is ran by the *nix kernel to set up the initial environment. Init is also used to monitor and keep processes running when they exit. While t...

KESTEB/Supervisor-0.08 - 14 Jul 2010 15:39:25 GMT - Search in distribution

Parallel::Supervisor - Manage a collection of child (worker) processes ++

This module provides a simple way to manage a collection of jobs and monitor their output. The Supervisor will track whether each job has been launched and provide a pipe to allow the parent to read from the child. Each record has a name (id) which m...

KLYNC/Parallel-Supervisor-0.03 - 23 Aug 2010 17:45:44 GMT - Search in distribution

Proc::Launcher::Supervisor - restart watched processes that have exited 3 ++

This is a tiny module that's designed for use with panctl and Proc::Launcher, where it is forked off and run as a separate process. ATTRIBUTES monitor_delay Number of seconds to sleep before attempting to restart any daemons that aren't running. Defa...

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POE::Component::Supervisor - Erlang inspired babysitting 1 ++

This is a port of the Erlang process supervisor (<>). This will monitor instances of children, restarting them as necessary should they exit. Restart throttling is not yet implemented but plan...

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App::Base::Daemon::Supervisor - supervise daemon process ++

App::Base::Daemon::Supervisor allows to run code under supervision, it also provides support for zero downtime reloading. When you run Supervisor based daemon, the first process becomes a supervisor, it forks a child process which invokes *supervised...

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  • App::Base - modules implementing common methods for applications

lib/Proc/Safetynet/ ++
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Proclet - minimalistic Supervisor 18 ++

Proclet is minimalistic Supervisor, fork and manage many services from one perl script. LOG Logs from services are Displayed with timestamp and tag. 12:23:16 memcached.1 | <6 server listening (udp) 12:23:16 memcached.1 | <7 send buffer was 9216, now ...

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ControlFreak - a process supervisor ++

This is the programmer documentation. Look into "Intro.pod" in ControlFreak for user documentation. METHODS new(%param) * config The absolute path to a initial config file. services Returns a list of ControlFreak::Service instances known to this cont...

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App::Sv - Event-based multi-process supervisor 2 ++

This module implements an event-based multi-process supervisor. It takes a list of commands to execute, forks a child and starts each one and then monitors their execution. If one of the processes dies, the supervisor will restart it after "restart_d...

GVL/App-Sv-0.014 - 19 Jan 2014 11:15:29 GMT - Search in distribution
  • svd - Supervisor daemon for App::Sv

Scaffold::Class - A Perl extension for the Supervisor environment 1 ++

This module inherits from Badger::Class and exposes the additinoal constants and utiltiy functions that are needed by the Scaffold environment. SEE ALSO Badger::Base Badger::Class Scaffold Scaffold::Base Scaffold::Cache Scaffold::Cache::FastMmap Scaf...

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Net::Signalet - Supervisor for server's launch-and-term synchronization with client's one ++

Net::Signalet is a supervisor for server's launch-and-term synchronization with client's one. Net::Signalet helps you proflile server-client model application such as TCP server-client, Web application. AUTHOR Yuuki Tsubouchi <> SEE ALS...

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Ubic - polymorphic service manager 42 ++

This module is a perl frontend to ubic services. It is a singleton OOP class. All of its methods should be invoked as class methods: Ubic->start('foo'); Ubic->stop('foo'); my $status = Ubic->status('foo'); INTRODUCTION Ubic is a polymorphic service m...

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DBomb - Database Object Mapping ++

DBomb is a mapping from database tables (or joins) to perl objects. The object accessors are columns in the table (or join). There are currently two layers to DBomb, described below. LAYER 1 - DBomb::Query The DBomb::Query layer is a set of simple ob...

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Narada - framework for ease development/deploy/support for medium/big projects 1 ++

Narada designed for ease development, deploy and support for medium and big projects. It's main goal is to restrict you with one way to manage your project (which doesn't really depend on your project's nature), and doesn't restrict your project's im...

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  • README.Web - [Web Interface] How to install SenseClusters Web interface

perlvms - VMS-specific documentation for Perl 241 ++

Gathered below are notes describing details of Perl 5's behavior on VMS. They are a supplement to the regular Perl 5 documentation, so we have focussed on the ways in which Perl 5 functions differently under VMS than it does under Unix, and on the in...

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Salvation - Simple and free architectural solution for huge applications ++

What is it? Salvation is a little framework which by itself does almost nothing. In example, it does not: manage interactions with a web-server; manage threads or forks of a daemon process; hide database interactions. Salvation is some kind of human ...

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Test::Cmd - Perl module for portable testing of commands and scripts 3 ++

The "Test::Cmd" module provides a low-level framework for portable automated testing of executable commands and scripts (in any language, not just Perl), especially commands and scripts that interact with the file system. The "Test::Cmd" module makes...

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VMS::Logical - OpenVMS Logical name interface ++

VMS::Logical provides access to logical names on OpenVMS systems. translate Translates a logical name. $hash = VMS::Logical::translate('logical_name'); $hash = VMS::Logical::translate({option=>value}); The first form can be used for a simple logical ...

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