Sysadm::Install - Typical installation tasks for system administrators 4 ++

Have you ever wished for your installation shell scripts to run reproducibly, without much programming fuzz, and even with optional logging enabled? Then give up shell programming, use Perl. "Sysadm::Install" executes shell-like commands performing t...

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Test::Server - what about test driven administration? 3 ++

Ever heard of test driven development? What about test driven administration? Take a look around examples/ folder for example tests that you can run agains your server. The general configuration should be done through the test-server.yaml and should ...

JKUTEJ/Test-Server-0.06   (1 review) - 11 Dec 2009 16:06:26 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::Evernote::Simple - Simple interface to the Evernote API 1 ++

Net::Evernote::Simple enables easy access to the Evernote API with developer tokens. Developer tokens allow read/write access to a user's Evernote data. If you don't have a developer token yet, you can obtain one here:

MSCHILLI/Net-Evernote-Simple-0.03 - 08 May 2014 05:22:32 GMT - Search in distribution

Ingres::Utility::Netutil - API to netutil Ingres RDBMS utility ++

This module provides an API to netutil utility for Ingres RDBMS, which provides local control of IIGCC servers for Ingres Net inbound and outbound remote connections, and also manage logins and connections to remote servers, a.k.a. VNodes. Notes: Ord...

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