TOML - Parser for Tom's Obvious, Minimal Language.

"TOML" implements a parser for Tom's Obvious, Minimal Language, as defined at <>. "TOML" exports two subroutines, "from_toml" and "to_toml",...

KARUPA/TOML-0.96 - 18 Feb 2015 14:38:04 GMT - Search in distribution

Config::TOML - The great new Config::TOML!

AJKALD/Config-TOML-0.01   (1 review) - 24 Feb 2013 23:56:02 GMT - Search in distribution

TOML::Parser - simple toml parser

TOML::Parser is a simple toml parser. This data structure complies with the tests provided at <>....

KARUPA/TOML-Parser-0.05 - 18 Feb 2015 06:20:37 GMT - Search in distribution

Nephia::Plugin::TOML - A plugin for Nephia that provides TOML Response DSL

Nephia::Plugin::TOML provides three DSL that is about TOML....

PAPIX/Nephia-Plugin-TOML-0.80 - 22 Nov 2013 06:50:17 GMT - Search in distribution

Config::Any::TOML - Load TOML config files

Loads TOML files. See <>...

MJEMMESON/Config-Any-TOML-0.002 - 03 Dec 2013 13:38:17 GMT - Search in distribution

IOD - IOD (INI On Drugs) file format specification

PERLANCAR/IOD-0.9.9 - 18 Mar 2015 16:43:05 GMT - Search in distribution

Minilla - CPAN module authoring tool

Minilla is a CPAN module authoring tool. Minilla provides minil command for authorizing a CPAN distribution. (M::I - inc) + shipit + (dzil - plugins) THIS IS A DEVELOPMENT RELEASE. API MAY CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE....

TOKUHIROM/Minilla-v2.4.1 - 02 May 2015 02:33:43 GMT - Search in distribution

Config::Tiny - Read/Write .ini style files with as little code as possible

"Config::Tiny" is a Perl class to read and write .ini style configuration files with as little code as possible, reducing load time and memory overhead. Most of the time it is accepted that Perl applications use a lot of memory and modules. The *::Ti...

RSAVAGE/Config-Tiny-2.22   (9 reviews) - 16 Feb 2015 21:31:40 GMT - Search in distribution

File::Serialize - DWIM file serialization/deserialization

*File::Serialize* provides a common, simple interface to file serialization -- you provide the file path, the data to serialized, and the module takes care of the rest. Even the serialization format, unless specified explicitly as part of the options...

YANICK/File-Serialize-0.5.0 - 21 Mar 2015 17:59:52 GMT - Search in distribution

App::Koyomi::Config - koyomi config

This module represents Singleton config object....

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Task::BeLike::SONGMU - modules I use

SONGMU's favorite modules using at work....

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