Task::BeLike::RJBS - be more like RJBS -- use the modules he likes! ++
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  • rjbs - all the junk that rjbs likes in his one-offs

Acme::CPANAuthors::ToBeLike - BeLike other CPAN Authors ++

This class provides a hash of emulatable CPAN Authors' PAUSE ID and name to the Acme::CPANAuthors module. It is generated from the indexed modules on CPAN "02packages.details.txt" finding CPAN authors who have a module indexed with "BeLike" in the na...

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Dist::Zilla::PluginBundle::RJBS - BeLike::RJBS when you build your dists 1 ++

This is the plugin bundle that RJBS uses. It is more or less equivalent to: [Git::GatherDir] [@Basic] ; ...but without GatherDir and ExtraTests and MakeMaker [MakeMaker] default_jobs = 9 [AutoPrereqs] [Git::NextVersion] [PkgVersion] die_on_existing_v...

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