Template::Parser - LALR(1) parser for compiling template documents River stage three • 553 direct dependents • 945 total dependents

The "Template::Parser" module implements a LALR(1) parser and associated methods for parsing template documents into Perl code....

ATOOMIC/Template-Toolkit-3.009 - 13 Jul 2020 21:51:44 UTC - Search in distribution

EJS::Template::Parser - Parser module for EJS::Template River stage zero No dependents

MAHIRO/EJS-Template-0.09 - 30 Apr 2019 04:21:38 UTC - Search in distribution

Template::Parser::CET - Template::Alloy based parser for the TT2 engine River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

Template::Parser::CET provides much or most of the TT3 syntax and runs on the current TT2 engine. Template::Alloy which was formerly known as CGI::Ex::Template (CET) provides a fast implementation of TT2 and TT3. There are some cases where Template::...

RHANDOM/Template-Parser-CET-0.05 - 07 Nov 2007 20:26:39 UTC - Search in distribution

XML::Template::Parser - SAX handler for parsing XML::Template documents. River stage zero No dependents

This module is the XML::Template document parser. It is implemented as an XML::SAX handler. Whenever an element in a namespace that has been configured is encountered, a subroutine is called in the Perl module associated with the namespace. The subro...

EMRYS/XML-Template-3.20 - 26 Dec 2003 17:11:27 UTC - Search in distribution

HTML::Template::Parser - Parser for HTML::Template syntax template file & writer. River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

HTML::Template::Parser is parser module for tempalte file that is written in HTML::Template. It parse template file to tree object. It can write tree as TextXslate::Metakolon format....

SHMORIMO/HTML-Template-Parser-0.1011 - 25 Oct 2013 10:25:54 UTC - Search in distribution

Template::Extract::Parser - Template parser for extraction River stage two • 15 direct dependents • 16 total dependents

This is a trivial subclass of "Template::Extract"; the only difference with its base class is that "PRE_CHOMP" and "POST_CHOMP" is enabled by default....

AUDREYT/Template-Extract-0.41 - 15 Oct 2007 17:56:01 UTC - Search in distribution

Template::Mustache::Parser River stage one • 6 direct dependents • 9 total dependents

YANICK/Template-Mustache-1.3.3 - 07 Dec 2019 01:41:23 UTC - Search in distribution

Template::AutoFilter::Parser - parses TT templates and automatically adds filters to tokens River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

Sub-class of Template::Parser....

MITHALDU/Template-AutoFilter-0.143050 - 01 Nov 2014 15:44:35 UTC - Search in distribution

Template::Multilingual::Parser - Multilingual template parser River stage zero No dependents

This subclass of Template Toolkit's "Template::Parser" parses multilingual templates: templates that contain text in several languages. <t> <en>Hello!</en> <fr>Bonjour !</fr> </t> Use this module directly if you have subclassed "Template", otherwise ...

CHOLET/Template-Multilingual-1.00 - 18 Jan 2009 18:01:15 UTC - Search in distribution

Template::Parser::RemoteInclude - call remote template-server inside your template River stage zero No dependents

You can write your own html aggregator for block build pages. However, this module allows you to make remote calls directly from the template. This is very useful when your project have a template server. This module allows you to make any http-reque...

CCCP/Template-Parser-RemoteInclude-0.01 - 12 May 2011 16:49:48 UTC - Search in distribution

HTML::Template::Compiled::Parser - Parser module for HTML::Template::Compiled River stage two • 18 direct dependents • 19 total dependents

TINITA/HTML-Template-Compiled-1.003 - 03 May 2016 12:15:34 UTC - Search in distribution

Template::Parser::LocalizeNewlines - Drop-in replacement Template::Parser that fixes bad newlines River stage zero No dependents

Template::Parser has a problem with PRE_CHOMP and related options. They only work on local newlines. If a Template Toolkit instance on a Unix host encounters DOS newlines in a Template, it will fail to chomp the newline correctly, with potentially di...

ADAMK/Template-Parser-LocalizeNewlines-1.04 - 02 Jun 2008 04:06:54 UTC - Search in distribution

Spreadsheet::Template::Generator::Parser - role for classes which parse an existing spreadsheet River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This role should be consumed by any class which will be used as the "parser_class" in a Spreadsheet::Template::Generator instance....

DOY/Spreadsheet-Template-0.05 - 26 Mar 2015 03:39:43 UTC - Search in distribution

lib/Async/Template/Parser.pm River stage zero No dependents

OKLAS/Async-Template-0.14 - 09 Jan 2021 12:08:03 UTC - Search in distribution

Text::Template::Simple::Base::Parser River stage three • 4 direct dependents • 229 total dependents

Private module....

BURAK/Text-Template-Simple-0.91 - 25 Dec 2018 00:05:35 UTC - Search in distribution

Template::TAL::ValueParser - parse attribute values River stage zero No dependents

This module is responsible for parsing the values of attributes in templates, and returning them. It can also split multiple values up into a list, using semicolons as list seperators. The way that values are parsed is based very strongly on TALES (h...

FOTANGO/Template-TAL-0.91 - 23 Mar 2007 16:54:40 UTC - Search in distribution

lib/Wiktionary/Parser/TemplateParser.pm River stage zero No dependents

CLBECKER/Wiktionary-Parser-0.11 - 24 Nov 2013 23:30:44 UTC - Search in distribution

Text::Template::Compact - text base template expand module River stage zero No dependents

The "Text::Template::Compact" module is text base template expand module. This module compile control tag in source text and output it with parameter data that gived at runtime. Its main purpose is handling HTML templates in Web Application, but it a...

TATE/Text-Template-Compact-0.1.12 - 16 Jul 2017 03:26:59 UTC - Search in distribution

lib/Template/Plugin/XML/View.pm River stage zero No dependents

ABW/Template-XML-2.17 - 09 Feb 2007 17:30:10 UTC - Search in distribution

lib/SQL/Template/XMLBuilder.pm River stage zero No dependents

NICEPERL/SQL-Template-0.2.4 - 14 Aug 2017 07:41:09 UTC - Search in distribution
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