Template::Plugin::XML::XPath - Plugin interface to XML::XPath River stage zero No dependents

This is a Template Toolkit plugin interfacing to the XML::XPath module. All methods implemented by the XML::XPath modules are available. In addition, the XML::XPath::Node::Element module implements present($view) and content($view) methods method for...

ABW/Template-XML-2.17 - 09 Feb 2007 17:30:10 UTC - Search in distribution

Task::BeLike::LESPEA - Modules that LESPEA uses on a daily basis River stage zero No dependents

LESPEA/Task-BeLike-LESPEA-2.005000 - 12 Mar 2014 14:47:57 UTC - Search in distribution

Template::Plugin::XML::LibXML - XML::LibXML Template Toolkit Plugin River stage zero No dependents

This module provides a plugin for the XML::LibXML module. It can be utilised the same as any other Template Toolkit plugin, by using a USE statement from within a Template. The use statment will return a reference to root node of the parsed document ...

MARKF/Template-Plugin-XML-LibXML-1.07 - 12 Aug 2004 10:10:32 UTC - Search in distribution

Template::Manual::Plugins - Standard plugins River stage three • 553 direct dependents • 945 total dependents

ATOOMIC/Template-Toolkit-3.009 - 13 Jul 2020 21:51:44 UTC - Search in distribution

XML::Template::Element::Var - XML::Template plugin module for the var namespace. River stage zero No dependents

EMRYS/XML-Template-3.20 - 26 Dec 2003 17:11:27 UTC - Search in distribution

Locale::Maketext::Extract::Plugin::XSL - XSL file parser River stage zero No dependents

Extracts strings to localise from XSL stylesheet files. Using Perl, custom localisation functions may be registered using "register_function" in XML::LibXSLT->register_function()....

PEPL/Locale-Maketext-Extract-Plugin-XSL-0.4 - 10 Jul 2011 12:27:13 UTC - Search in distribution
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