Template::Plugin::MultiMarkdown - TT plugin for Text::MultiMarkdown

"Template::Plugin::MultiMarkdown" wraps "Text::MultiMarkdown::XS" and "Text::MultiMarkdown" into a Template Toolkit plugin, and will filter your MultiMarkdown text into HTML. By default the plugin will select the XS implementation over the pure perl ...

BARBIE/Template-Plugin-MultiMarkdown-0.12 - 04 Apr 2015 13:16:35 GMT - Search in distribution

mira - static site generator

KIAVASH/Mira-00.07.51 - 14 Mar 2018 09:38:37 GMT - Search in distribution
  • Mira - static site generator

chronicle - A static blog-compiler.

SKX/App-Chronicle-5.1.7 - 20 Feb 2017 16:27:09 GMT - Search in distribution

Miril::Manual - Why and how to use Miril, the static content management sytem.

PSHANGOV/Miril-0.008 - 13 Sep 2010 20:48:40 GMT - Search in distribution

Statocles::Help::Config - A guide to configuring a Statocles site

This document describes how to set up a simple blog web site suitable to be deployed to GitHub Pages using Statocles. This document explains how to build a configuration file without using the "statocles create" command....

PREACTION/Statocles-0.088 - 19 Mar 2018 19:34:00 GMT - Search in distribution

Catalyst::View::Markdown - Markdown View Class

This is the Catalyst view class for Markdown. Your application should define a view class which is a subclass of this module. Throughout this manual it will be assumed that your application is named MyApp and you are creating a Markdown view named MD...

WALLMARI/Catalyst-View-Markdown-0.01 - 13 Feb 2013 14:24:58 GMT - Search in distribution

Template::Plugin::CommonMark - Template Toolkit plugin to generate HTML from CommonMark

"Template::Plugin::CommonMark" wraps CommonMark into a Template Toolkit plugin, and will filter your markdown text into HTML. The code and tests are shamelessly lifted from Template::Plugin::MultiMarkdown....

NANIS/Template-Plugin-CommonMark-1.000 - 27 Feb 2016 11:47:29 GMT - Search in distribution

Ado::Plugin::MarkdownRenderer - Render markdown to HTML

Ado::Plugin::MarkdownRenderer is a markdown renderer (маани, маани!) You only need to create a controller for your enterprise wiki and use the "md_to_html" helper provided by this plugin. See Ado::Control::Doc for an example. You may use this plugin ...

BEROV/Ado-0.935 - 02 Sep 2017 12:59:38 GMT - Search in distribution

Acme::CPANLists::Import::NEILB::Markdown - Modules for converting markdown to HTML (2013)

This module is generated by extracting module names mentioned in the article <http://neilb.org/reviews/markdown.html>. For the full article, visit the URL....

PERLANCAR/Acme-CPANLists-Import-NEILB-0.04 - 21 Feb 2016 08:01:17 GMT - Search in distribution

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