Term::TtyRec::Plus - read a ttyrec

SARTAK/Term-TtyRec-Plus-0.09 - 06 Mar 2012 16:51:12 GMT - Search in distribution
  • ttyplay - play back ttyrec files
  • ttytime - calculate length of ttyrec files

App::Ttyrec - record interactive terminal sessions

This module handles setting up and running a terminal session which records its output to a ttyrec file. These files can then be later read via software such as Term::TtyRec::Plus....

DOY/App-Ttyrec-0.02 - 26 Feb 2014 00:07:43 GMT - Search in distribution
  • ttyrec - record interactive terminal sessions

Task::BeLike::DOY - modules I use

DOY/Task-BeLike-DOY-0.12 - 18 Mar 2014 03:39:47 GMT - Search in distribution

Tie::Handle::TtyRec - write a ttyrec

A ttyrec is a format used for recording terminal sessions. Notably, practically all NetHack games are recorded using ttyrecs. ttyrecs include precise timing data and can be a little fiddly. This module lets you focus on your application, instead of m...

SARTAK/Tie-Handle-TtyRec-0.04 - 06 Mar 2012 16:59:15 GMT - Search in distribution

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