Test::Classy - write your unit tests in other modules than *.t

This is yet another Test::Class-like unit testing framework. As stated in Test::Class pod, you don't need to care if your tests are small and working correctly. If not, this may be one of your options. Unlike Test::Class, Test::Classy (actually Test:...

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perlglossary - Perl Glossary

A glossary of terms (technical and otherwise) used in the Perl documentation, derived from the Glossary of *Programming Perl*, Fourth Edition. Words or phrases in bold are defined elsewhere in this glossary. Other useful sources include the Unicode G...

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Class::Classless - framework for classless OOP

In class-based OOP frameworks, methods are applicable to objects by virtue of objects belonging to classes that either provide those methods, or inherit them from classes that do. In classless OOP frameworks (AKA delegation-and-prototypes frameworks)...

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Module::Build::Authoring - Authoring Module::Build modules

When creating a "Build.PL" script for a module, something like the following code will typically be used: use Module::Build; my $build = Module::Build->new ( module_name => 'Foo::Bar', license => 'perl', requires => { 'perl' => '5.6.1', 'Some::Module...

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App::Benchmark::Accessors - Benchmark accessor generators

This distribution runs benchmarks on various accessor generators. The following generators are being benchmarked: Moose mutable and immutable Mouse mutable and immutable Class::Accessor Class::Accessor::Fast Class::Accessor::Fast::XS Class::XSAccesso...

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