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Test::Deep - Extremely flexible deep comparison 23 ++

If you don't know anything about automated testing in Perl then you should probably read about Test::Simple and Test::More before preceding. Test::Deep uses the Test::Builder framework. Test::Deep gives you very flexible ways to check that the result...

RJBS/Test-Deep-0.112   (10 reviews) - 30 Nov 2013 19:06:52 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::Deep::This - Test::Deep extension to check predicates on plain scalars ++

"Test::Deep::This" module extends Test::Deep framework with a new "this" keyword to denote a "current" nested scalar. Standard unary and binary perl operators can be applied to "this" to construct some complex predicate expressions. Those predicates ...

DRUXA/Test-Deep-This-1.00 - 09 Jun 2012 15:48:13 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::Deep::JSON - Compare JSON with Test::Deep 4 ++

Test::Deep::JSON provides "json($expected)" function to expect that target can be parsed as a JSON string and matches (by "cmp_deeply") with *$expected*. FUNCTIONS json($expected) Exported by default. *$expected* can be anything that "Test::Deep" rec...

MOTEMEN/Test-Deep-JSON-0.03 - 27 Feb 2014 00:41:23 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::Deep::Cond - simple code test in Tesst::Deep 2 ++

Test::Deep::Cond is simple way to compare value by code reference. Test::Deep provides "code" function. But, Test::Deep::Cond is more simply to test. cmp_deeply( { hoge => 3, }, { hoge => code(sub { my $val = shift; 2 < $val and $val < 4 }), }, ); Th...

SOH/Test-Deep-Cond-0.01 - 08 Feb 2013 07:31:57 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::Deep::PDL - Test piddles inside data structures with Test::Deep 1 ++

This is just an implementation class. Look at the documentation for test_pdl() in Test::PDL. BUGS The implementation of this class depends on undocumented subroutines in Test::Deep. This may break if Test::Deep gets refactored. SEE ALSO PDL, Test::PD...

EBAUDREZ/Test-PDL-0.10 - 03 Dec 2013 19:29:30 GMT - Search in distribution
  • Test::PDL - Test Perl Data Language arrays (a.k.a. piddles) for equality

Test::Deep::Teng::Row - Compare Teng::Row object by get_columns method in using Test::Deep ++

Test::Deep::Teng::Row support to compare Teng::Row object in using Test::Deep. It is faild to compare got Teng::Row object to expected that is fetched by diffrent sql to got by is_deeply function. Because Teng::Row object has sql attribute that is us...

SOH/Test-Deep-Teng-Row-0.01 - 15 Nov 2012 05:25:24 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::Deep::Type - A Test::Deep plugin for validating type constraints 2 ++

"Test::Deep::Type" provides the sub "is_type" to indicate that the data being tested must validate against the passed type. This is an actual type *object*, not a string name -- for example something provided via MooseX::Types, or a plain old coderef...

ETHER/Test-Deep-Type-0.004 - 21 Apr 2013 21:28:27 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::Deep::YAML - A Test::Deep plugin for comparing YAML-encoded data 1 ++

This module provides the "yaml" function to indicate that the target can be parsed as a YAML string, and should be decoded before being compared to the indicated expected data. FUNCTIONS yaml Contains the data which should match corresponding data in...

ETHER/Test-Deep-YAML-0.002 - 23 Feb 2014 00:07:31 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::Deep::Matcher - Type check matchers for Test::Deep ++

Test::Deep::Matcher is a collection of Test::Deep type check matchers. METHODS Reference Matchers is_scalar_ref Checks the value type is SCALAR reference. is_array_ref Checks the value type is ARRAY reference. is_hash_ref Checks the value type is HAS...

MASAKI/Test-Deep-Matcher-0.01 - 16 Jul 2012 08:20:56 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::Deep::Between - Number is the range expected ++

This module check to got number in range in using Test::Deep. INTERFACE Functions "between($from, $to)" $expected is in $from to $to. "between_str($from, $to)" $expected is in $from to $to with string compare(le). DEPENDENCIES Perl 5.8.1 or later. BU...

MACOPY/Test-Deep-Between-0.02 - 28 Jan 2013 13:57:50 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::Deep::UnorderedPairs - A Test::Deep plugin for comparing lists as if they were hashes 2 ++

This module provides the sub "unordered_pairs" (and "tuples", "samehash", as synonyms) to indicate the data being tested is a list of pairs that should be tested where the order of the pairs is insignificant. This is useful when testing a function th...

ETHER/Test-Deep-UnorderedPairs-0.003 - 21 May 2013 06:08:03 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::DeepFile - A file base extention of Test::Deep ++

cmp_deeply_file EXPORT "cmp_deeply_file" SEE ALSO Test::Deep AUTHOR G. Allen Morris III, <gam3@gam3.net> COPYRIGHT AND LICENSE Copyright (C) 2011 by G. Allen Morris III This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the...

GAM/Test-DeepFile-0.003 - 09 Feb 2011 06:34:06 GMT - Search in distribution

lib/Test/Easy/DeepEqual.pm ++
LOGIE/Test-Easy-1.09   (1 review) - 01 May 2014 15:13:48 GMT - Search in distribution

DCI - Collection of utilities for writing perl code that fits the DCI methodology. 1 ++

The DCI concept was created by Trygve Reenskaug, (inventor of MVC) and James Coplien. DCI Stands for Data, Context, Interactions. It was created to solve the problem of unpredictable emergent behavior in networks of interacting objects. This problem ...

EXODIST/DCI-0.013 - 16 Dec 2011 02:47:24 GMT - Search in distribution

Sx - front-end to all the Athena and Xlib garbage for Perl GUI progamming ++

Using the Sx package is pretty simple. At the minimum, you 'use Sx;' To actually have X windows pop open and such, you need to do the following: 1) To get everything started, you should call OpenDisplay(). If OpenDisplay() returns a non-zero value, i...

FMC/Sx-2.3 - 25 Apr 1997 09:27:47 GMT - Search in distribution

PPI - Parse, Analyze and Manipulate Perl (without perl) 24 ++

About this Document This is the PPI manual. It describes its reason for existing, its general structure, its use, an overview of the API, and provides a few implementation samples. Background The ability to read, and manipulate Perl (the language) pr...

ADAMK/PPI-1.215   (7 reviews) - 26 Feb 2011 06:45:04 GMT - Search in distribution

XSH - scripting language for XPath-based editing of XML 1 ++
PAJAS/XML-XSH-1.8.2   (2 reviews) - 10 Sep 2003 17:11:15 GMT - Search in distribution

DBI - Database independent interface for Perl 150 ++

The DBI is a database access module for the Perl programming language. It defines a set of methods, variables, and conventions that provide a consistent database interface, independent of the actual database being used. It is important to remember th...

TIMB/DBI-1.631   (27 reviews) - 20 Jan 2014 11:12:44 GMT - Search in distribution
  • DBI::DBD - Perl DBI Database Driver Writer's Guide

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