Test::Harness - Run Perl standard test scripts with statistics

Although, for historical reasons, the Test::Harness distribution takes its name from this module it now exists only to provide TAP::Harness with an interface that is somewhat backwards compatible with Test::Harness 2.xx. If you're writing new code co...

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Test::Harness::Point - object for tracking a single test point

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Test::FIT::Harness - Run FIT Tests in Perl

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Test::Rail::Harness - TestRail testing harness

Connective tissue for App::Prove::Plugin::TestRail. Nothing to see here... Subclass of TAP::Harness....

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Labyrinth::Test::Harness - Test Harness for Labyrinth Plugin modules

Contains all the harness code around Labyrinth, to enable plugin testing....

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Test::Harness::FileFilter - Run only tests whose filename matches a pattern.

Test::Harness::FileFilter is an "extension" to Test::Harness that lets you selectivly accept or ignore files by matching each filename with an regular expression....

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Test::BDD::Cucumber::Harness - Base class for creating harnesses

Harnesses allow your feature files to be executed while telling the outside world about how the testing is going, and what's being tested. This is a base class for creating new harnesses. You can see Test::BDD::Cucumber::Harness::TermColor and Test::...

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Test::BDD::Cucumber::Harness::Html - html output for Test::BDD::Cucumber

A Test::BDD::Cucumber::Harness subclass that generates html reports....

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Test::BDD::Cucumber::Harness::Nagios - Nagios output for Test::BDD::Cucumber

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Test.Harness - Run TAP standard JavaScript test scripts with statistics

STOP! If all you want to do is write a test script, consider using Test.Simple. Test.Harness is the module that reads the output from Test.Simple, Test.More and other modules based on Test.Builder. You don't need to know about Test.Harness to use tho...

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Test2::Harness - Test2 based test harness.

This is an alternative to Test::Harness. See the App::Yath module for more details. Try running the "yath" command inside a perl repository. $ yath For help: $ yath --help...

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Test::Unit::UnitHarness - unit testing framework helper class

This is a makeover of Test::Harness to allow its tests to be retrofitted as unit tests....

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DBD::Informix::TestHarness - Test Harness for DBD::Informix

This document describes DBD::Informix::TestHarness distributed with Informix Database Driver for Perl DBI Version 2015.1101 (2015-11-01). This is pure Perl code which exploits DBI and DBD::Informix to make it easier to write tests. Most notably, it p...

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Test::Unit::Lite - Unit testing without external dependencies

This framework provides lighter version of Test::Unit framework. It implements some of the Test::Unit classes and methods needed to run test units. The Test::Unit::Lite tries to be compatible with public API of Test::Unit. It doesn't implement all cl...

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HTTP::WebTest::Plugin::HarnessReport - Test::Harness compatible reports

This plugin creates reports that are compatible with Test::Harness. By default, this plugin is not loaded by HTTP::WebTest. To load it, use the global test parameter "plugins". Internally this plugin uses Test::Builder module so it should be compatib...

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Perlbal::Test - Test harness for perlbal server

Perlbal::Test provides access to a perlbal server running on the local host, for testing purposes. The server can be an already-existing server, a child process, or the current process. Various functions are provided to interact with the server....

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