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Test::Harness - Run Perl standard test scripts with statistics 33 ++

Although, for historical reasons, the Test::Harness distribution takes its name from this module it now exists only to provide TAP::Harness with an interface that is somewhat backwards compatible with Test::Harness 2.xx. If you're writing new code co...

LEONT/Test-Harness-3.32   (5 reviews) - 11 Jun 2014 15:35:45 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::Harness::Point - object for tracking a single test point ++
MSCHWERN/Test-Harness-Straps-0.30 - 08 Jan 2008 22:36:10 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::FIT::Harness - Run FIT Tests in Perl 1 ++
INGY/Test-FIT-0.11 - 26 Mar 2003 19:40:29 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::Harness::FileFilter - Run only tests whose filename matches a pattern. ++

Test::Harness::FileFilter is an "extension" to Test::Harness that lets you selectivly accept or ignore files by matching each filename with an regular expression. ENVIRONMENT PERL5OPT Used by perl to include extra command-line switches such as -I... ...

CLAESJAC/Test-Harness-FileFilter-0.01 - 15 Aug 2005 21:04:35 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::BDD::Cucumber::Harness - Base class for creating harnesses 6 ++

Harnesses allow your feature files to be executed while telling the outside world about how the testing is going, and what's being tested. This is a base class for creating new harnesses. You can see Test::BDD::Cucumber::Harness::TermColor and Test::...

SARGIE/Test-BDD-Cucumber-0.26 - 21 Jun 2014 09:08:01 GMT - Search in distribution

Test.Harness - Run TAP standard JavaScript test scripts with statistics ++
DWHEELER/JS-Test-Simple-0.29 - 21 Aug 2009 22:15:44 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::Unit::UnitHarness - unit testing framework helper class ++

This is a makeover of Test::Harness to allow its tests to be retrofitted as unit tests. AUTHOR Copyright (c) 2000-2002, 2005 the PerlUnit Development Team (see Test::Unit or the AUTHORS file included in this distribution). All rights reserved. This p...

MCAST/Test-Unit-0.25   (4 reviews) - 15 Oct 2005 23:05:28 GMT - Search in distribution

DBD::Informix::TestHarness - Test Harness for DBD::Informix ++

This document describes DBD::Informix::TestHarness distributed with Informix Database Driver for Perl DBI Version 2013.0521 (2013-05-21). This is pure Perl code which exploits DBI and DBD::Informix to make it easier to write tests. Most notably, it p...

JOHNL/DBD-Informix-2013.0521   (2 reviews) - 22 May 2013 06:05:16 GMT - Search in distribution

lib/Apache/TestHarness.pm ++
PHRED/Apache-Test-1.38   (3 reviews) - 07 Aug 2012 04:36:41 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::Unit::Lite - Unit testing without external dependencies ++

This framework provides lighter version of Test::Unit framework. It implements some of the Test::Unit classes and methods needed to run test units. The Test::Unit::Lite tries to be compatible with public API of Test::Unit. It doesn't implement all cl...

DEXTER/Test-Unit-Lite-0.1202   (1 review) - 20 Dec 2012 16:13:23 GMT - Search in distribution

HTTP::WebTest::Plugin::HarnessReport - Test::Harness compatible reports ++

This plugin creates reports that are compatible with Test::Harness. By default, this plugin is not loaded by HTTP::WebTest. To load it, use the global test parameter "plugins". Internally this plugin uses Test::Builder module so it should be compatib...

ILYAM/HTTP-WebTest-2.04   (4 reviews) - 05 Sep 2003 20:27:38 GMT - Search in distribution

Perlbal::Test - Test harness for perlbal server 6 ++

Perlbal::Test provides access to a perlbal server running on the local host, for testing purposes. The server can be an already-existing server, a child process, or the current process. Various functions are provided to interact with the server. FUNC...

DORMANDO/Perlbal-1.80   (2 reviews) - 27 Feb 2012 07:02:28 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::Run - a new and improved test harness for TAP scripts. ++
SHLOMIF/Test-Run-0.0302 - 01 Feb 2014 09:02:14 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::Apache2 - Simple test harness of mod_perl handler ++

This module provides a simple test harness of mod_perl handler. The difference between the module and Apache::Test is that the former don't spawn an real Apache process. AUTHOR KATO Kazuyoshi <kzys@8-p.info> This library is free software; you can red...

KZYS/Test-Apache2-0.05 - 15 Dec 2009 15:01:06 GMT - Search in distribution

DBD::SqlflexTest - Test Harness for DBD::Sqlflex ++

This document describes DBD::SqlflexTest for DBD::Sqlflex version 0.25 and later. This is pure Perl code which exploits DBI and DBD::Sqlflex to make it easier to write tests. Most notably, it provides a simple mechanism to connect to the user's chose...

INFOFLEX/DBD_SQLFLEX_8.2 - 10 Mar 2000 23:51:23 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::Statsd - Test harness for any statsd server daemon 5 ++

Embeds the logic to perform integration tests of any statsd daemon that can be launched from the command line. Usage: my $t = Test::Statsd->new({ binary => './bin/statsd', config => './bin/sample-config.json' }); # Brings up the statsd server in the ...

COSIMO/Net-Statsd-Server-0.17 - 13 Jun 2014 12:11:32 GMT - Search in distribution

test.pl - Test harness with recursive directory search ++

Performs a recursive directory search for files ending in ".t", starting from the current directory or from the paths specified on the command line, and then runs them using Test::Harness. CAUTION This is a test harness, not a test script. MakeMaker ...

EVO/Class-MakeMethods-1.01   (1 review) - 07 Sep 2004 21:45:34 GMT - Search in distribution

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