Test::Nightly - Run all your tests and produce a report on the results.

The idea behind this module is to have one script, most probably a cron job, to run all your tests once a night (or once a week). This module will then produce a report on the whether those tests passed or failed. From this report you can see at a gl...

KIRSTINB/Test-Nightly-0.03 - 10 Aug 2005 15:36:49 GMT - Search in distribution

PITA - The Practical Image Testing Architecture

The Practical Image Testing Architecture (PITA) is a collection of software for doing Big Testing. PITA is being created to allow the testing of any software package in any language on any configuration of any operating system on any hardware. The pr...

ADAMK/PITA-0.60 - 27 Oct 2011 01:34:46 GMT - Search in distribution

DBI::FAQ - The Frequently Asked Questions for the Perl5 Database Interface

This document serves to answer the most frequently asked questions on both the DBI Mailing Lists and personally to members of the DBI development team....

TIMB/DBI-1.634   (27 reviews) - 03 Aug 2015 14:52:56 GMT - Search in distribution

App::lcpan - Manage your local CPAN mirror

PERLANCAR/App-lcpan-0.54 - 09 Oct 2015 04:57:06 GMT - Search in distribution

makepp_speedup - How to make makepp faster

So you think makepp is slow? It has gotten noticeably faster, but granted, it's still slow, especially if you come from GNU make. This is because it conscientiously checks all those things where gmake gives you a headache, ignoring lots of dependenci...

PFEIFFER/makepp-   (2 reviews) - 25 Oct 2012 21:29:27 GMT - Search in distribution

ClearCase::CRDB - Class for ClearCase config-record analysis

A ClearCase::CRDB object represents the (potentially recursive) *configuration record* (hereafter "*CR*") of a set of *derived objects* (hereafter "*DOs*"). It provides methods for easy extraction of parts of the CR such as the build script, MVFS fil...

DSB/ClearCase-CRDB-0.15 - 20 Oct 2006 12:53:19 GMT - Search in distribution

Devel::PerlySense - Perl IDE backend with Emacs frontend

PerlySense is a Perl IDE backend that integrates with editor frontends, currently Emacs. (While no one has written a Vim frontend, PerlySense can emit Vim style data structures.) Conveniently navigate and browse the code and documentation of your pro...

JOHANL/Devel-PerlySense-0.0216   (2 reviews) - 16 Aug 2015 22:47:14 GMT - Search in distribution

Devel::CoverX::Covered - Collect and report caller (test file) and covered (source file) statistics from the cover_db

Dealing with large code bases and large test suites When a test suite grows as a team of developers implement new features, knowing exactly which test files provide test coverage for which parts of the application becomes less and less obvious. This ...

JOHANL/Devel-CoverX-Covered-0.016 - 11 Oct 2014 12:36:58 GMT - Search in distribution

JIRA::Client::Automated - A JIRA REST Client for automated scripts

JIRA::Client::Automated is an adapter between any automated system and JIRA's REST API. This module is explicitly designed to easily create and close issues within a JIRA instance via automated scripts. For example, if you run nightly batch jobs, you...

FRIMICC/JIRA-Client-Automated-1.3 - 27 Apr 2015 04:48:06 GMT - Search in distribution


JFRIED/Rex-Repositorio-1.1.0 - 09 May 2015 09:42:03 GMT - Search in distribution

Win32::Security::NamedObject - Security manipulation for named objects

This module provide an object-oriented interface for manipulating security information on named objects (i.e. files, registry keys, etc.). Note that, like the rest of "Win32-Security", it currently only provides support for files. It has been archite...

TEVERETT/Win32-Security-0.50   (1 review) - 22 Mar 2004 03:32:24 GMT - Search in distribution

CMS::Drupal::Modules::MembershipEntity::Cookbook - Guide and tutorials for using the Perl-Drupal Membership Entity interface

The individual packages in the CMS::Drupal::Modules::MembershipEntity distribution each have their own POD of course, but the author hopes that this documentation will help a new user put it all together. Maybe you are a non-programmer or a non-Perl ...

TONKIN/CMS-Drupal-Modules-MembershipEntity-0.96 - 03 Aug 2015 09:59:25 GMT - Search in distribution