Test::NoWarnings - Make sure you didn't emit any warnings while testing

In general, your tests shouldn't produce warnings. This modules causes any warnings to be captured and stored. It automatically adds an extra test that will run when your script ends to check that there were no warnings. If there were any warings, th...

ADAMK/Test-NoWarnings-1.04 - 01 Dec 2011 01:20:05 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::Group::NoWarnings - turn warnings into test failures

This module is an extension for Test::Group. It allows you to trap warnings generated during a test group and convert them to test failures. If you are not already familiar with Test::Group now would be a good time to go take a look. See also Test::N...

DOMQ/Test-Group-0.20 - 03 Jan 2016 19:45:10 GMT - Search in distribution
  • Test::Group - Group together related tests in a test suite

Test2::Plugin::NoWarnings - Fail if tests warn

Loading this plugin causes your tests to fail if there any warnings while they run. Each warning generates a new failing test and the warning content is outputted via "diag". This module uses $SIG{__WARN__}, so if the code you're testing sets this, t...

DROLSKY/Test2-Plugin-NoWarnings-0.05 - 07 Nov 2016 15:53:11 GMT - Search in distribution


RPerl is a compiler. For more info: <https://github.com/wbraswell/rperl/blob/master/README.md>...

WBRASWELL/RPerl-2.600000 - 17 Apr 2017 02:54:20 GMT - Search in distribution

perlcritic - Command-line interface to critique Perl source.

"perlcritic" is a Perl source code analyzer. It is the executable front-end to the Perl::Critic engine, which attempts to identify awkward, hard to read, error-prone, or unconventional constructs in your code. Most of the rules are based on Damian Co...

THALJEF/Perl-Critic-1.126 - 11 Aug 2015 06:48:47 GMT - Search in distribution

Kafka - Apache Kafka interface for Perl.

The user modules in this package provide an object oriented API. The IO agents, requests sent, and responses received from the Apache Kafka or mock servers are all represented by objects. This makes a simple and powerful interface to these services. ...

ASOLOVEY/Kafka-1.03 - 22 May 2017 17:35:45 GMT - Search in distribution

perlmogrify - Command-line interface to transform Perl source.

"perlmogrify" is a Perl5 to Perl6 code transformer. It's the executable front end to Perl::ToPerl6, which is a configurable, extensible code transfomer. Most of the code transfoermers were developed simply by taking sample Perl5 source and hand-editi...

JGOFF/Perl-ToPerl6-0.040 - 30 Aug 2015 18:57:46 GMT - Search in distribution

Redis::JobQueue - Job queue management implemented using Redis server.

The main features of the package are: * Supports the automatic creation of job queues, job status monitoring, updating the job data set, obtaining a consistent job from the queue, removing jobs, and the classification of possible errors. * Contains v...

SGLADKOV/Redis-JobQueue-1.19 - 25 Feb 2017 08:04:27 GMT - Search in distribution

Redis::CappedCollection - Provides fixed size (determined by 'maxmemory' Redis server setting) collections with FIFO data removal.

Main features of the package are: * Support creation of capped collection, status monitoring, updating the data set, obtaining consistent data from the collection, automatic data removal, error reporting. * Simple API for inserting and retrieving dat...

SGLADKOV/Redis-CappedCollection-1.10 - 25 Feb 2017 08:11:21 GMT - Search in distribution

Text::FixEOL - Canonicalizes text to a specified EOL/EOF convention, repairing any 'mixed' usages

Converts the EOL and EOF conventions in the passed string to a canonicalization form that handles 'mixed' EOL conventions. It canonicalizes EOL as \n (the platform defined EOL) if it does not know the particular platform. Can also 'fix' the end-of-fi...

SNOWHARE/Text-FixEOL-1.06 - 30 Jul 2011 17:00:22 GMT - Search in distribution

WWW::BigDoor - provides a perl interface for BigDoor's REST API.

This module provides simple interface to BigDoor REST API with calls implmenting HTTP methods. For object-oriented interface see WWW::BigDoor::Resource. For BigDoor API description consult documentation at <http://publisher.bigdoor.com/docs/definitio...

ALEXD/WWW-BigDoor-v0.1.1 - 20 Jan 2011 20:17:52 GMT - Search in distribution

Saraltest - Perl extension for blah blah blah

Stub documentation for Saraltest, created by h2xs. It looks like the author of the extension was negligent enough to leave the stub unedited....

MARSAB/Saraltest - 26 Aug 2011 10:57:44 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::Most - Most commonly needed test functions and features.

Test::Most exists to reduce boilerplate and to make your testing life easier. We provide "one stop shopping" for most commonly used testing modules. In fact, we often require the latest versions so that you get bug fixes through Test::Most and don't ...

OVID/Test-Most-0.35 - 11 Aug 2016 15:11:18 GMT - Search in distribution

WWW::Wookie - Apache Wookie Connector Framework implementation

This is a Perl implementation of the Wookie Connector Framework. For more information see: <http://wookie.apache.org>...

IPENBURG/WWW-Wookie-0.102 - 22 Apr 2017 16:26:45 GMT - Search in distribution

HTML::Hyphenate - class for inserting soft hyphens into HTML.

Most HTML rendering engines used in web browsers don't figure out by themselves how to hyphenate words when needed, but we can tell them how they might do it by inserting soft hyphens into the words....

IPENBURG/HTML-Hyphenate-0.05 - 21 Dec 2010 21:10:31 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::Dist - Distribution kwalitee tests in one command

MONS/Test-Dist-0.01 - 12 Nov 2009 23:51:02 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::Strict - Check syntax, presence of use strict; and test coverage

The most basic test one can write is "does it compile ?". This module tests if the code compiles and play nice with Test::Simple modules. Another good practice this module can test is to "use strict;" in all perl files. By setting a minimum test cove...

MANWAR/Test-Strict-0.39 - 02 Dec 2016 12:08:58 GMT - Search in distribution

CPAN::FindDependencies - find dependencies for modules on the CPAN

DCANTRELL/CPAN-FindDependencies-2.47 - 13 Apr 2017 22:41:27 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::NoTabs - Check the presence of tabs in your project

This module scans your project/distribution for any perl files (scripts, modules, etc) for the presence of tabs....

ETHER/Test-NoTabs-2.00 - 11 Apr 2017 19:07:55 GMT - Search in distribution

TeX::Hyphen::Pattern - class for providing a collection of TeX hyphenation patterns for use with TeX::Hyphen.

The TeX::Hyphen module parses TeX files containing hyphenation patterns for use with TeX based systems. This module includes TeX hyphenation files from <http://www.ctan.org> and hyphenation patterns from <http://www.openoffice.org> and provides a sin...

IPENBURG/TeX-Hyphen-Pattern-0.04 - 17 Aug 2009 07:38:04 GMT - Search in distribution

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