NKH/POD-Tested-0.06.4 - 15 Jan 2009 10:13:43 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::Script - Basic cross-platform tests for scripts

The intent of this module is to provide a series of basic tests for 80% of the testing you will need to do for scripts in the script (or bin as is also commonly used) paths of your Perl distribution. Further, it aims to provide this functionality wit...

PLICEASE/Test-Script-1.18 - 12 Apr 2017 11:01:43 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::Script::Run - test scripts with run

This module exports some subs to help test and run scripts in your dist's script directory( bin, sbin, script, etc ), if the script path is not absolute. Nearly all the essential code is stolen from Prophet::Test, we think subs like those should live...

SUNNAVY/Test-Script-Run-0.08 - 20 Oct 2013 12:19:05 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::Script::Async - Non-blocking friendly tests for scripts

This is a non-blocking friendly version of Test::Script. It is useful when you have scripts that you want to test against a AnyEvent or Mojolicious based services that are running in the main test process. The AnyEvent implementations that are known ...

PLICEASE/Test-Script-Async-0.02 - 25 Apr 2016 11:07:26 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::Inline::Script - Generate the test file for a single source file

This class is where the heavy lifting happens to actually generating a test file takes place. Given a source filename, this modules will load it, parse out the relavent bits, put them into order based on the tags, and then merge them into a test file...

ADAMK/Test-Inline-2.213 - 09 Apr 2013 06:03:53 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::Script::Shebang - checking the perl script shebang

Test::Script::Shebang is checking the perl script shebang....

XAICRON/Test-Script-Shebang-0.02 - 18 May 2011 18:04:35 GMT - Search in distribution

Csistck::Test::Script - Csistck script check

AGJ/Csistck-0.1003 - 01 Aug 2012 05:28:22 GMT - Search in distribution
  • Csistck - Perl system consistency check framework

Test::LeakTrace::Script - A LeakTrace interface for whole scripts

This is a interface to "Test::LeakTrace" for whole scripts....

GFUJI/Test-LeakTrace-0.15 - 13 Nov 2014 22:53:00 GMT - Search in distribution

Catalyst::Script::Test - Test Catalyst application on the command line

Script to perform a test hit against your application and display the output....

JJNAPIORK/Catalyst-Runtime-5.90115 - 01 May 2017 16:42:46 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::Apocalypse::Script - Plugin for Test::Script

Encapsulates Test::Script functionality....

APOCAL/Test-Apocalypse-1.006 - 25 Oct 2014 20:12:24 GMT - Search in distribution

TestML::Script - Support for running TestML as a script

TestML is a computer programming language for writing Acmeist unit tests (unit tests that run under any programming language and any test framework). This module will let you run TestML as a standalone script....

INGY/TestML-Script-0.01 - 02 Sep 2011 14:08:17 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::JavaScript - JavaScript Testing Module

Test::JavaScript provides a method of unit testing javascript code from within perl. This module uses the JavaScript::SpiderMonkey package to evaluate JavaScript using the SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine....

KEVINJ/Test-JavaScript-0.06 - 12 Feb 2007 07:36:46 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::ShellScript - Shell script testing module

Call me insane, but sometimes a shell script becames too important or complicated that no one wants to touch it. Then why not to add some testing to gain some confidence and avoid disrupting its funcitionality ?...

BITMAN/Test-ShellScript-0.04 - 27 Apr 2010 05:00:32 GMT - Search in distribution

Smolder::TestScript - setup various things for smolder tests scripts

This module will setup very things for Smolder test scripts simply by being "use"ing it in your scripts....

WONKO/Smolder-1.51 - 16 Dec 2009 00:54:47 GMT - Search in distribution

VSGDR::TestScriptGen - Unit test script support package for SSDT unit tests, Ded MedVed.

DEDMEDVED/VSGDR-TestScriptGen-0.16 - 20 Oct 2016 09:11:45 GMT - Search in distribution
  • - Creates unit test scripts for a database

Test::JavaScript::More - test javascript code

This module provides Test::More-like function for JavaScript (the current implementation just imports some of Test::More's functions into JavaScript space). Everything below the "use Test::JavaScript::More" line will be interpreted as JavaScript. You...

CLAESJAC/JavaScript-1.16 - 20 Feb 2010 22:09:48 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::Assertions::TestScript - Base for test scripts

Test::Assertions::TestScript provides a base for writing test scripts. It performs some common actions such as setting up the @INC path and parsing command-line options, specifically: * The lib and t/lib directories are added to @INC. * The current d...

BBC/Test-Assertions-1.054 - 11 Aug 2006 10:24:22 GMT - Search in distribution

CPANPLUS::Test::Dummy::HasScript - CPANPLUS Test Dummy

CPANPLUS::Test::Dummy::HasScript is a fake module that has a script file so I can test something in CPANPLUS and CPANPLUS::YACSmoke No moving parts and nothing to see....

BINGOS/CPANPLUS-Test-Dummy-HasScript-0.0004 - 30 Mar 2012 21:48:16 GMT - Search in distribution

CPANPLUS::Test::Dummy::UsesScript - CPANPLUS Test Dummy

CPANPLUS::Test::Dummy::UsesScript is a fake module that has a script file so I can test something in CPANPLUS and CPANPLUS::YACSmoke No moving parts and nothing to see....

BINGOS/CPANPLUS-Test-Dummy-UsesScript-0.0004 - 03 Apr 2012 15:00:16 GMT - Search in distribution

JavaScript::V8x::TestMoreish - Run and test JavaScript code in Perl using Test::More and v8

JavaScript::V8x::TestMoreish uses the Google V8 JavaScript engine (via JavaScript::V8) to execute JavaScript code on demand in Perl. In addition, the customized context binds some functions that expose parts of Test::More to facillate testing. An ins...

RKRIMEN/JavaScript-V8x-TestMoreish-0.013 - 11 Jan 2010 22:57:22 GMT - Search in distribution

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