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Text::Caml - Mustache template engine 4 ++

Text::Caml is a Mustache-like (<http://mustache.github.com/>) template engine. That means it tends to have no logic in template files. Syntax Context Context is the data passed to the template. Context can change during template rendering and be spec...

VTI/Text-Caml-0.10 - 29 Mar 2012 06:22:19 GMT - Search in distribution

Template::Swig - Perl interface to Django-inspired Swig templating engine. ++

Template::Swig uses JavaScript::V8 and Paul Armstrong's Swig <https://github.com/paularmstrong/swig/> templating engine to provide fast Django-inspired templating in a Perl context. Templates are compiled to JavaScript functions and stored in memory,...

LOGIE/Template-Swig-0.05 - 17 Jul 2013 21:57:00 GMT - Search in distribution

lib/Dancer/Template/Caml.pm ++

This class is an interface between Dancer's template engine abstraction layer and the Text::Caml module. In order to use this engine, use the template setting: template: caml METHODS "render" $engine->render; Render template. "default_tmpl_ext" Defau...

VTI/Dancer-Template-Caml-0.10 - 25 Jan 2012 08:34:09 GMT - Search in distribution

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