Text::Decorator - Apply a chain of filters to text

Text::Decorator is a framework for marking up plain text into various formats by applying a chain of filters. For instance, you might apply a filter which will cause URIs in text to be presented as links if the text is exported as HTML....

TMTM/Text-Decorator-1.65 - 16 Jan 2006 11:38:13 GMT - Search in distribution

Buscador::Decorate - mark a mail body up in HTML

This provides a method "format_body" for Email::Store::Mail which marks up the body of a mail as HTML including making links clickable, highlighting quotes, and correctly providing links for names and addresses that we've seen before....

SIMONW/Buscador-0.2 - 18 Feb 2005 17:11:47 GMT - Search in distribution

Rinci - Language-neutral metadata for your code entities

PERLANCAR/Rinci-1.1.84 - 28 Dec 2016 06:38:15 GMT - Search in distribution

apid - Generic REST API Daemon

apid is a generic http(s) daemon which can be used to provide a RESTful web service in front of something which isn't already web aware. If you already have some application server or website with a service running, apid is of no use for you. However...

TLINDEN/WWW-REST-Apid-0.07 - 04 Apr 2017 22:22:46 GMT - Search in distribution

Getopt::Declare - Declaratively Expressed Command-Line Arguments via Regular Expressions

Overview Getopt::Declare is *yet another* command-line argument parser, one which is specifically designed to be powerful but exceptionally easy to use. To parse the command-line in @ARGV, one simply creates a Getopt::Declare object, by passing "Geto...

FANGLY/Getopt-Declare-1.14 - 09 Mar 2011 07:49:10 GMT - Search in distribution

Catalyst::UTF8 - All About UTF8 and Catalyst Encoding

Starting in 5.90080 Catalyst will enable UTF8 encoding by default for text like body responses. In addition we've made a ton of fixes around encoding and utf8 scattered throughout the codebase. This document attempts to give an overview of the assump...

JJNAPIORK/Catalyst-Runtime-5.90115 - 01 May 2017 16:42:46 GMT - Search in distribution

Devel::DumpTrace::PPI - PPI-based version of Devel::DumpTrace

"Devel::DumpTrace::PPI" is a near drop-in replacement to Devel::DumpTrace that uses the PPI module for parsing the source code. PPI overcomes some of the limitations of the original "Devel::DumpTrace" parser and makes a few other features available, ...

MOB/Devel-DumpTrace-0.26 - 25 Jul 2016 20:22:38 GMT - Search in distribution

Log::Channel - yet another logging package

Allows for code to specify channels for delivery of logging messages, and for users of the code to control the delivery and formatting of the messages. Yes, this is yet another logging module. Some differences between Log::Channel and other logging p...

JMAY/Log-Channel-0.7 - 28 Mar 2005 06:13:02 GMT - Search in distribution

Pod::Abstract - Abstract document tree for Perl POD documents

POD::Abstract provides a means to load a POD (or POD compatible) document without direct reference to it's syntax, and perform manipulations on the abstract syntax tree. This can be used to support additional features for POD, to format output, to co...

BLILBURNE/Pod-Abstract-0.20 - 03 Jan 2010 02:03:58 GMT - Search in distribution

Acme::OneHundredNotOut - A raise of the bat, a tip of the hat

SIMON/Acme-OneHundredNotOut-100 - 24 Jun 2004 14:21:59 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::VCR::LWP - Record and playback LWP interactions.

Records HTTP transactions done thru LWP to a file and then replays them. Allows your tests suite to be fast, dterministic and accurate. Inspired by (stolen from) <http://relishapp.com/vcr/vcr/docs>...

CREIN/Test-VCR-LWP-0.5 - 04 Dec 2014 21:06:00 GMT - Search in distribution

Form::Maker - Framework for web forms

SIMON/Form-Maker-0.03 - 28 Dec 2009 11:38:43 GMT - Search in distribution

Class::ClassDecorator - Dynamically decorate classes instead of objects using NEXT

This module helps you use classes as decorators for other classes. It provides some syntactic sugar for dynamically constructing a unique subclass which exists solely to represent a set of decorations to a base class. This is useful when you have a b...

DROLSKY/Class-ClassDecorator-0.02 - 02 Nov 2003 01:34:05 GMT - Search in distribution

WWW::Mechanize::Pluggable - A WWW::Mechanize that's custmomizable via plugins

This module provides all of the same functionality of "WWW::Mechanize", but adds support for *plugins* using "Module::Pluggable"; this means that any module named "WWW::Mechanize::Plugin::*whatever...*" will be found and loaded when "WWW::Mechanize::...

MCMAHON/WWW-Mechanize-Pluggable-1.12 - 09 Jul 2011 05:59:49 GMT - Search in distribution

ClearPress::view - MVC view superclass

View superclass for the ClearPress framework...

RPETTETT/ClearPress-v476.1.1 - 17 Jul 2017 22:23:18 GMT - Search in distribution

Class::Adapter - Perl implementation of the "Adapter" Design Pattern

The "Class::Adapter" class is intended as an abstract base class for creating any sort of class or object that follows the *Adapter* pattern. What is an Adapter? The term *Adapter* refers to a *"Design Pattern"* of the same name, from the famous *"Ga...

ADAMK/Class-Adapter-1.08 - 24 Mar 2011 01:39:59 GMT - Search in distribution

Text::MicroMason::Docs::ToDo - Development Plans for the MicroMason Distribution

This document outlines various development plans and ideas for Text::MicroMason. The TO DO section describes plans which are likely to happen. The WISH LIST section describes a variety of ideas which are likely to be accepted as patches, but which wi...

FERRENCY/Text-MicroMason-2.21 - 30 Sep 2016 17:59:30 GMT - Search in distribution

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