Text::Document - a text document subject to statistical analysis

"Text::Document" allows to perform simple Information-Retrieval-oriented statistics on pure-text documents. Text can be added in chunks, so that the document may be incrementally built, for instance by a class like "HTML::Parser". A simple algorithm ...

ASPINELLI/Text-Document-1.07 - 04 Feb 2002 18:00:51 GMT - Search in distribution

Text::Amuse::Document - core parser for Text::Amuse (internal)

MELMOTHX/Text-Amuse-0.82 - 04 Apr 2017 11:54:42 GMT - Search in distribution

Text::Corpus::CNN::Document - Parse CNN article for research.

"Text::Corpus::CNN::Document" provides methods for accessing specific portions of CNN news articles for personnel researching and testing of information processing methods. Read the CNN Interactive Service Agreement to ensure you abide with their Ser...

KUBINA/Text-Corpus-CNN-1.02 - 21 Aug 2010 16:33:02 GMT - Search in distribution

Text::Corpus::Inspec::Document - Parse Inspec abstract for research.

"Text::Corpus::Inspec::Document" provides methods for accessing specific portions of Inspec abstracts for researching and testing of information processing methods....

KUBINA/Text-Corpus-Inspec-1.00 - 09 Dec 2009 03:41:43 GMT - Search in distribution

Text::Mining::Corpus::Document - Provenance and Representations for Documents

ROGERHALL/Text-Mining-0.08 - 15 Mar 2009 17:06:03 GMT - Search in distribution

Text::Corpus::NewYorkTimes::Document - Parse NYT article for research.

"Text::Corpus::NewYorkTimes::Document" provides methods for accessing specific portions of news articles from the New York Times corpus....

KUBINA/Text-Corpus-NewYorkTimes-1.01 - 09 Dec 2009 03:41:31 GMT - Search in distribution

Text::Corpus::VoiceOfAmerica::Document - Parse a VOA article for research.

"Text::Corpus::VoiceOfAmerica::Document" provides methods for accessing the content of VOA news articles for the researching and testing of information processing techniques. Read the Voice of America's Terms of Use statement to ensure you abide by i...

KUBINA/Text-Corpus-VoiceOfAmerica-1.03 - 24 Aug 2010 14:15:50 GMT - Search in distribution


TOMITA/Text-Mecabist-0.02 - 11 Sep 2016 07:56:52 GMT - Search in distribution


KWILLIAMS/AI-Categorizer-0.09 - 24 Mar 2007 02:39:15 GMT - Search in distribution

Document::Writer::TextArea - A page in a document

GPHAT/Document-Writer-0.13 - 01 May 2011 14:17:41 GMT - Search in distribution

Template::Plugin::XML::LibXML - XML::LibXML Template Toolkit Plugin

This module provides a plugin for the XML::LibXML module. It can be utilised the same as any other Template Toolkit plugin, by using a USE statement from within a Template. The use statment will return a reference to root node of the parsed document ...

MARKF/Template-Plugin-XML-LibXML-1.07 - 12 Aug 2004 10:10:32 GMT - Search in distribution

XML::XQL::DOM - Adds XQL support to XML::DOM nodes

XML::XQL::DOM adds methods to XML::DOM nodes to support XQL queries on XML::DOM document structures. See XML::XQL and XML::XQL::Query for more details. XML::DOM::Node describes the xql() method....

ENNO/libxml-enno-1.02 - 27 Mar 2000 16:23:22 GMT - Search in distribution

XML::DOM::XPath - Perl extension to add XPath support to XML::DOM, using XML::XPath engine

XML::DOM::XPath allows you to use XML::XPath methods to query a DOM. This is often much easier than relying only on getElementsByTagName. It lets you use all of the XML::DOM methods....

MIROD/XML-DOM-XPath-0.14 - 15 Apr 2008 15:35:41 GMT - Search in distribution

XML::DOM - A perl module for building DOM Level 1 compliant document structures

This module extends the XML::Parser module by Clark Cooper. The XML::Parser module is built on top of XML::Parser::Expat, which is a lower level interface to James Clark's expat library. XML::DOM::Parser is derived from XML::Parser. It parses XML str...

TJMATHER/XML-DOM-1.46 - 21 Sep 2016 12:42:54 GMT - Search in distribution

XML::LibXML::Augment - extend XML::LibXML::{Attr,Element,Document} on a per-namespace/element basis

XML::LibXML is super-awesome. However, I don't know about you, but sometimes I wish it had some domain-specific knowledge. For example, if I have an XML::LibXML::Element which represents an HTML "<form>" element, why can't it have a "submit" method? ...

TOBYINK/XML-LibXML-Augment-0.004 - 16 Sep 2014 19:01:14 GMT - Search in distribution

XML::Sablotron::DOM - The DOM interface to Sablotron's internal structures

Sablotron uses internally the DOM-like data structures to represent parsed XML trees. In the "sdom.h" header file is defined a subset of functions allowing the DOM access to these structures. What is it good for You may find this module useful if you...

PAVELH/XML-Sablotron-1.01 - 26 May 2005 08:48:46 GMT - Search in distribution

Org::To::Text - Export Org document to text


PERLANCAR/Org-To-Text-0.04 - 10 Jul 2017 14:50:50 GMT - Search in distribution


ASPOSE/AsposePdfCloud-PdfApi-1.01 - 10 Nov 2016 14:30:09 GMT - Search in distribution


: This tool generates POD documentation for each all of the commands in a tree for a given executable. This command must be run from within the namespace directory....

BRUMMETT/UR-0.46 - 24 Mar 2017 19:46:02 GMT - Search in distribution

upf - Manipulate /etc/{passwd,shadow,group,gshadow} entries

PERLANCAR/App-upf-0.04 - 03 Sep 2015 07:56:45 GMT - Search in distribution

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