Text::EP3 - The Extensible Perl PreProcessor

EP3 is a Perl5 program that preprocesses STDIN or some set of input files and produces an output file. EP3 only works on input files and produces output files. It seems to me that if you want to preprocess arrays or somesuch, you should be using perl...

MYKL/Text-EP3-1.10 - 02 Mar 2006 13:26:47 GMT - Search in distribution

Text::EP3::Verilog - Verilog extension for the EP3 preprocessor.

This module is an EP3 extension for the Verilog Hardware Description Language. The signal directive @signal key definition Take a list of signals and generate signal lists in the differing formats that Verilog uses. This is accomplished by formatting...

GSPIVEY/Text-EP3-Verilog-1.00 - 13 Mar 1998 20:00:12 GMT - Search in distribution

Archive::Rar::Passthrough - Thinnest possible wrapper around 'rar'

This module is a very, very thin wrapper around running the "rar" command. If you have ever dealed with running external programs with command line parameters from your code portably, you most certainly know that it is a lot of pain. This module uses...

SMUELLER/Archive-Rar-2.02 - 06 Mar 2008 14:12:55 GMT - Search in distribution

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