Text::German - German grundform reduction

This is a rather incomplete implementaion of work done by Gudrun Putze-Meier. I have to confess that I never read her original paper. So all credit belongs to her, all bugs are mine. I tried to get some insight from an implementation of two students ...

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web - A set of useful routines for many webworking purposes

NLock This routine allows to set a filelock across NFS-boundaries. The common used perl-routine flock() fails at this point, so this routine is a useable alternative for bigger file-systems. It uses the modular functions link() and unlink() to mark a...

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wdq - command line access to Wikidata Query Service

The command line script "wdq", included in CPAN module App::wdq, provides a tool to access Wikidata Query Service <https://query.wikidata.org/>. It supports formulation and execution of SPARQL SELECT queries <http://www.w3.org/TR/sparql11-query/#sele...

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PGN - Portable Game Notation for Chess

This is the Portable Game Notation Specification and Implementation Guide, as revised on 12th March 1994....

GDR/Games-Chess-0.003 - 07 Jun 1999 12:42:08 GMT - Search in distribution

DBI - Database independent interface for Perl

The DBI is a database access module for the Perl programming language. It defines a set of methods, variables, and conventions that provide a consistent database interface, independent of the actual database being used. It is important to remember th...

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TUWF - The Ultimate Website Framework

TUWF is a small framework designed for writing websites. It provides an abstraction layer to various environment-specific tasks and has common functions to ease the creation of both small and large websites. Main features and limitations TUWF may be ...

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Padre - Perl Application Development and Refactoring Environment

Configuration The application maintains its configuration information in a directory called .padre. Other On Strawberry Perl you can associate .pl file extension with C:\strawberry\perl\bin\wxperl and then you can start double clicking on the applica...

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mowyw - Macro processor and Offline Content Management System

mowyw is a text processor for building static websites. It supports includes, menus, external datasources (like XML files or databases) and syntax hilighting. To use mowyw you need three directories called source, online and includes. "source" holds ...

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jspell - Command line interface to Jspell morphological analyzer

jspell is a morphological analyzer. It can be used in four different ways: * as a standard C library; * as a non buffered command line application; * as a command interpreter; * as an interactive program. Interactive Application jspell should be invo...

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Lingua::DE::Num2Word - positive number to text convertor for german. Output text is in iso-8859-1 encoding.

Lingua::DE::Num2Word is module for converting numbers into their representation in german. Converts whole numbers from 0 up to 999 999 999. Functions * num2de_cardinal(number) Convert number to text representation....

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A reverse-chronological ordered list of changes...

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DBD::PO - DBI driver for PO files

The DBD::PO module is yet another driver for the DBI (Database independent interface for Perl). This one is based on the SQL 'engine' SQL::Statement and the abstract DBI driver DBD::File and implements access to so-called PO files (GNU gettext). Such...

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Herbert - converts Excel files

Herbert V1.38 (1998/03/23) - ALPHA - converts Excel-Sheets to HTML usage: Herbert {--option [arg]} file(s) --colorframe s Outer frame will get color #s (9999bf) --colorsheet s Worksheet will get color #s (dfdfdf) --dest_base s Store output files base...

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Uplug::DE - Uplug Language pack for German

Note that you need to install the main components of Uplug first. Download the latest version of uplug-main from <https://bitbucket.org/tiedemann/uplug> or from CPAN and install it on your system. The Uplug::DE package includes configuration files fo...

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MobileDetect - The great new MobileDetect Library for Perl is finally available! Perl Module for the PHP Toolchain Mobile Detect from Serban Ghita. More Information and development Tools can be found here https://www.buzzerstar.com/development/ and https://www.buzzerstar.net/ & https://www.buzzerstar.com/ . BuzzerStar uses the Mobile Detect Perl Library to bring you the newest viral Webtrendson https://www.buzzerstar.com/spiele/sudoku/ & https://www.buzzerstar.net/news/Entertainment ; we have a daily updated Text and Picture News ticker on https://www.buzzerstar.com/newsticker/ or https://www.buzzerstar.com/kategorie/Dating News for you. You can also write your own article on https://www.buzzerstar.net/post.php (english) https://www.buzzerstar.com/post.php (German) and become a journalist.

Check a given string against the Mobile Detect Library that can be found here: https://github.com/serbanghita/Mobile-Detect I have prepared a Perl Version, because there is no such thing in perl and i also want to show my support for Mr. Șerban Ghiță...

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Embperl - Building dynamic Websites with Perl

Embperl is a framework for building websites with Perl. For the beginner it's any easy to setup and use way of embedding Perl code in HTML pages. It delivers several features that ease the task of creating a websites, including dynamic tables, formfi...

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pp2html - PerlPoint to HTML converter

"pp2html" creates a set of HTML files for a foilset based on a simple textfile slide_text. Due to its formatting features and the capability of creating navigation, table of contents and index pages, "pp2html" is also a suitable tool for writing onli...

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