Text::Ispell - a module encapsulating access to the Ispell program.

Text::Ispell::spellcheck() takes one argument. It must be a string, and it should contain only printable characters. One allowable exception is a terminal newline, which will be chomped off anyway. The line is fed to a coprocess running ispell for an...

JDPORTER/Text-Ispell-0.04 - 12 Oct 1999 21:02:39 GMT - Search in distribution

jspell - Command line interface to Jspell morphological analyzer

jspell is a morphological analyzer. It can be used in four different ways: * as a standard C library; * as a non buffered command line application; * as a command interpreter; * as an interactive program. Interactive Application jspell should be invo...

AMBS/Lingua-Jspell-1.93 - 06 Jun 2017 19:51:52 GMT - Search in distribution

Pod::Spell - a formatter for spellchecking Pod

Pod::Spell is a Pod formatter whose output is good for spellchecking. Pod::Spell rather like Pod::Text, except that it doesn't put much effort into actual formatting, and it suppresses things that look like Perl symbols or Perl jargon (so that your s...

DOLMEN/Pod-Spell-1.20 - 22 Apr 2016 07:36:12 GMT - Search in distribution

podispell - Interactive Pod spell checker

This is an interactive Pod spell checker, modeled after the ispell interface. It will prompt for corrections on any spelling mistakes it finds, and overwrite the original file when complete. Requires "hunspell"....

HAARG/App-podispell-0.001004 - 18 Oct 2016 16:13:28 GMT - Search in distribution

tkispell - Perl/Tk user interface for ispell.

Tkispell is a Perl/Tk graphical user interface to GNU ispell. Tkispell opens the file given as a command line argument. The "Select File...," button also allows users to select a file. The, "Check...," button begins the spell check process. The listi...

RKIES/tkispell-0.18 - 14 Mar 2004 03:17:15 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::Spelling - check for spelling errors in POD files

"Test::Spelling" lets you check the spelling of a POD file, and report its results in standard "Test::More" fashion. This module requires a spellcheck program such as spell, aspell, ispell, or hunspell. use Test::Spelling; pod_file_spelling_ok('lib/F...

SARTAK/Test-Spelling-0.20 - 07 Oct 2014 13:49:27 GMT - Search in distribution

filter-heredoc - Search and filter embedded here documents

filter-heredoc search and extracts here documents from POSIX IEEE Std 1003.1-2008 compliant shell scripts and is the front-end for Filter::Heredoc. filter-heredoc input is given by the *input* text file. If *input* isn't given, it defaults to "STDIN"...

BKRON/Filter-Heredoc-0.02 - 19 Dec 2012 19:47:46 GMT - Search in distribution

Text::Hyphen - determine positions for hyphens inside words

KAPPA/Text-Hyphen-0.2 - 06 Oct 2015 17:38:03 GMT - Search in distribution

Lingua::EN::VarCon - Provides access to the VarCon (Variant Conversion Info)

VarCon is a data set provided as part of the Word List project. It contains a number of lists and tables of words that can be used to help automatically convert the English language between the differing spellings of it's local dialects (American, Br...

ADAMK/Lingua-EN-VarCon-1.00 - 01 Oct 2006 04:24:13 GMT - Search in distribution

Text::Hyphen::TR - determine positions for hyphens inside Turkish words

KAPPA/Text-Hyphen-TR-0.01 - 06 Oct 2015 21:54:43 GMT - Search in distribution

Pod::Spelling - Send POD to a spelling checker

This module provides extensible spell-checking of POD. At present, it requires either Lingua::Ispell or Text::Aspell, one of which must be installed on your system, with its binaries, unless you plan to use the API to provide your own spell-checker. ...

LGODDARD/Pod-Spelling-0.23 - 17 Jun 2015 15:21:29 GMT - Search in distribution

Text::Hyphen::RU - determine positions for hyphens inside russian words

KAPPA/Text-Hyphen-RU-0.12 - 05 Oct 2015 21:14:54 GMT - Search in distribution

Lingua::Ispell - a module encapsulating access to the Ispell program.

Lingua::Ispell::spellcheck() takes one argument. It must be a string, and it should contain only printable characters. One allowable exception is a terminal newline, which will be chomped off anyway. The line is fed to a coprocess running ispell for ...

JDPORTER/Lingua-Ispell-0.07 - 18 Apr 2000 18:53:02 GMT - Search in distribution

Lingua::MSWordSpell - Word spellchecker

This is a rough and ready replacement for Lingua::Ispell that uses Microsoft Word's Spellchecker over OLE automation. It requires Microsoft Word 9 or higher....

BBC/Lingua-MSWordSpell-1.011 - 18 May 2006 10:56:59 GMT - Search in distribution

Acme::CPANLists::Import::SpellChecking - An overview of spell checking modules (2012)

This module is generated by extracting module names mentioned in the article <http://blogs.perl.org/users/kirk_kimmel/2012/08/an-overview-of-spell-ch ecking-modules.html> (retrieved on 2016-07-19). For the full article, visit the URL....

PERLANCAR/Acme-CPANLists-Import-0.03 - 27 Dec 2016 18:54:25 GMT - Search in distribution

Code::TidyAll::Plugin::SortLines - Sort the lines in a file

Sorts the lines of a file; whitespace lines are discarded. Useful for files containing one entry per line, such as ".svnignore", ".gitignore", and ".ispell*"....

DROLSKY/Code-TidyAll-0.63 - 23 Jul 2017 20:41:22 GMT - Search in distribution

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