The::Net - Use the Net to fetch your required modules.

By using The::Net, you enable "require" to fetch Modules using HTTP or FTP, when given a URL as argument....

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Net::PH - CCSO Nameserver Client class

"Net::PH" is a class implementing a simple Nameserver/PH client in Perl as described in the CCSO Nameserver -- Server-Client Protocol. Like other modules in the Net:: family the "Net::PH" object inherits methods from "Net::Cmd"....

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Net::SC - perl module for create the chain from the SOCKS/HTTP proxies.

CONSTRUCTOR new TIMEOUT - Time Out in seconds. CHAIN_LEN - Length of chain. DEBUG - Debug level ( 0x00 | 0x01 | 0x02 | 0x04 ) 0x00 - Off 0x01 - Debug On 0x02 - Write all answers of socks servers. 0x04 - Write all requests of socks servers. 0x08 - Ext...

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Net::IP - Perl extension for manipulating IPv4/IPv6 addresses

This module provides functions to deal with IPv4/IPv6 addresses. The module can be used as a class, allowing the user to instantiate IP objects, which can be single IP addresses, prefixes, or ranges of addresses. There is also a procedural way of acc...

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Net::PT - The great new Net::PT!

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Net::IRC - DEAD SINCE 2004 Perl interface to the Internet Relay Chat protocol

This module has been abandoned and deprecated since 2004. The original authors have moved onto POE::Component::IRC and more modern techniques. This distribution is not maintained and only uploaded to present successively louder "don't use this" warni...

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Net::ASN - Perl extension for manipulating autonomous system numbers

Net::ASN provides functions for parsing autonomous system numbers (ASNs) as defined in RFC 1771 and extended by RFC4893, also converting between formats discussed in RFC5396. Both an OO implementation (method based) and non-OO (function based) are pr...

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Net::P0f - Perl wrapper for the P0f utility

This module (and its associated helper modules) is a Perl interface to the P0f utility. P0f is a passive operating system fingerprinting: it identifies the operating system of network devices by *passively* looking at specific patterns in their TCP/I...

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Net::YAR - Perl interface to the YAR (Yet Another Registrar) API

The Net::YAR module provides a perl interface to the FastDomain YAR (Yet Another Registrar) API Service. In order to use this module, you must have an agent account setup at either or another registrar that supports the YAR API. If you...

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  • Net::YAR::DomainCheck - Emergency fail over domain.check implementations in case the Registrar or Registry is having troubles.

Net::MAC - Perl extension for representing and manipulating MAC addresses

This is a module that allows you to - store a MAC address in a Perl object - find out information about a stored MAC address - convert a MAC address into a specified format - easily compare two MAC addresses for string or numeric equality There are q...

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Net::PT2 - The great new Net::PT!

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Net::BGP - Border Gateway Protocol version 4 speaker/listener library

This module is an implementation of the BGP-4 inter-domain routing protocol. It encapsulates all of the functionality needed to establish and maintain a BGP peering session and exchange routing update information with the peer. It aims to provide a s...

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Net::NTP - Perl extension for decoding NTP server responses

This module exports a single method (get_ntp_response) and returns an associative array based upon RFC1305 and RFC2030. The response from the server is "humanized" to a point that further processing of the information received from the server can be ...

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Net::APP - Critical Path Account Provisioning Protocol

This module implements a client interface to Critical Path's Account Provisioning Protocol, enabling a perl application to talk to APP servers. This documentation assumes that you are familiar with the APP protocol documented in the Account Provision...

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Net::RRP - there are file for RRP protocol and operations.

Net::RRP - there are file for RRP protocol and operations....

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Net::SMS - Sends wireless messages to any carrier including text messages and SMS (Short Message Service).

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Net::WWD - World Wide Database

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Net::xAP - A base class for protocols such as IMAP, ACAP, IMSP, and ICAP.

This base class implements the substrate common across the IMAP, ACAP, IMSP, and ICAP protocols. It provides the interface to the network calls and implements a small amount of glue to assist in implementing interfaces to this protocol family....

KJOHNSON/NetxAP-0.02 - 03 Oct 1999 15:27:56 GMT - Search in distribution
  • Net::IMAP - A client interface to IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol).

Net::SCP - Perl extension for secure copy protocol

Simple wrappers around ssh and scp commands....

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Net::IRR - Perl interface to the Internet Route Registry Daemon

This module provides an object oriented perl interface to the Internet Route Registry. The interface uses the RIPE/RPSL Tool Query Language as defined in Appendix B of the IRRd User Guide. The guide can be found at, however an un...

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