The::Net - Use the Net to fetch your required modules. ++

By using The::Net, you enable "require" to fetch Modules using HTTP or FTP, when given a URL as argument. DEVELOPMENT The current sources of this module are found on github, <git://>. AUTHOR Abigail <mailto:cpan@abigail...

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Net::PT - The great new Net::PT! ++
PFTYLR/Net-PT-0.01 - 09 Oct 2013 12:44:18 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::PH - CCSO Nameserver Client class ++

"Net::PH" is a class implementing a simple Nameserver/PH client in Perl as described in the CCSO Nameserver -- Server-Client Protocol. Like other modules in the Net:: family the "Net::PH" object inherits methods from "Net::Cmd". CONSTRUCTOR new ( [ H...

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Net::SC - perl module for create the chain from the SOCKS/HTTP proxies. ++

CONSTRUCTOR new TIMEOUT - Time Out in seconds. CHAIN_LEN - Length of chain. DEBUG - Debug level ( 0x00 | 0x01 | 0x02 | 0x04 ) 0x00 - Off 0x01 - Debug On 0x02 - Write all answers of socks servers. 0x04 - Write all requests of socks servers. 0x08 - Ext...

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Net::IP - Perl extension for manipulating IPv4/IPv6 addresses 3 ++

This module provides functions to deal with IPv4/IPv6 addresses. The module can be used as a class, allowing the user to instantiate IP objects, which can be single IP addresses, prefixes, or ranges of addresses. There is also a procedural way of acc...

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Net::YAP - Module used as a conduit to communicate with the Yahoo! Application Platform ++
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Net::DRI - Interface to Domain Name Registries/Registrars/Resellers 1 ++

Net::DRI is a Perl library to access services offered by domain name providers, such as registries or registrars. DRI stands for Domain Registration Interface and it aims to be for domain name registries/registrars/resellers what DBI is for databases...

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Net::WOT - Access Web of Trust (WOT) API ++
XSAWYERX/Net-WOT-0.02 - 05 Jul 2010 20:59:44 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::ICQ - Pure Perl interface to an ICQ server ++

"Net::ICQ" is a class implementing an ICQ client interface in pure Perl. CONSTRUCTOR * new (uin, password [, server [, port]]) Creates a new Net::ICQ object. A Net::ICQ object represents a single user logged into a specific ICQ server. The UIN and pa...

JMUHLICH/Net-ICQ-0.16 - 02 Mar 2001 06:26:30 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::FCP - client protocol ++

This module implements the first version of the freenet client protocol, for use with freenet versions 0.5. For freenet protocol version 2.0 support (as used by freenet 0.7), see the AnyEvent::FCP module. See <

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Net::SAP - Session Announcement Protocol (rfc2974) ++

Net::SAP allows receiving and sending of SAP (RFC2974) multicast packets over IPv4 and IPv6. METHODS $sap = Net::SAP->new( $group ) The new() method is the constructor for the "Net::SAP" class. You must specify the SAP multicast group you want to joi...

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Net::SSH - Perl extension for secure shell ++

Simple wrappers around ssh commands. For an all-perl implementation that does not require the system ssh command, see Net::SSH::Perl instead. SUBROUTINES ssh [USER@]HOST, COMMAND [, ARGS ... ] Calls ssh in batch mode. issh [USER@]HOST, COMMAND [, ARG...

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Net::ACL - Class representing a generic access-list/route-map ++

This module represents a generic access-list and route-map. It uses the Net::ACL::Rule object to represent the rules. CONSTRUCTOR new() - create a new Net::ACL object $list = new Net::ACL( Name => 'MyACL', Type => 'prefix-list', Rule => new Net::ACL:...

LORENSEN/Net-ACL-0.07 - 06 Jun 2003 20:01:38 GMT - Search in distribution

Bot::Net - run your very own IRC bot net ++

EXPERIMENTAL: This module has just barely left the proof-of-concept phase. Much of the API is fluid and changing. If you're interested in contributing, please contact me at my email address at the bottom. A nice way to create bots, networks of bots, ...

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Net::RTP - Send and receive RTP packets (RFC3550) ++

The "Net::RTP" module subclasses IO::Socket::Multicast6 to enable you to manipulate multicast groups. The multicast additions are optional, so you may also send and recieve unicast packets. $rtp = new Net::RTP( [LocalAdrr=>$addr, LocalPort=>$port,......

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Net::APE - Packages for using APE-Project (Ajax Push Engine) ++

So much todo... METHODS Here is nothing... but see Net::APE::Cmd, Net::APE::Server, Net::APE::Request BUGS Please report any bugs or feature requests through the methods following. SUPPORT IRC You can join #ape-project on, talk to Ge...

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Net::ILO - Interface to HP Integrated Lights-Out ++

The Net::ILO module is an interface to a subset of Hewlett-Packards Integrated Lights-Out out-of-band management system. HP's API is XML-based and cumbersome to use; this module aims to simplify accessing the iLO from Perl while retaining as much fun...

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  • Net::ILO - Interface to HP Integrated Lights-Out

Net::VNC - A simple VNC client 1 ++

Virtual Network Computing (VNC) is a desktop sharing system which uses the RFB (Remote FrameBuffer) protocol to remotely control another computer. This module acts as a VNC client and communicates to a VNC server using the RFB protocol, allowing you ...

LBROCARD/Net-VNC-0.40 - 29 Oct 2011 07:22:21 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::NIS - Interface to Sun's Network Information Service ++

The Net::NIS interface comes in three parts: 1. raw The first part is the raw implementation of the NIS API. 2. OO The second is the object interface, described in Net::NIS::Table. 3. Tie The third is a new 'Tied' interface, allowing simple access to...

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Net::ARP - Perl extension for creating ARP packets ++

This module can be used to create and send ARP packets and to get the mac address of an ethernet interface or ip address. send_packet() Net::ARP::send_packet('lo', # Device '', # Source IP '', # Destination IP 'aa:bb:cc:aa:bb:cc', #...

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