TheSchwartz - reliable job queue

TheSchwartz is a reliable job queue system. Your application can put jobs into the system, and your worker processes can pull jobs from the queue atomically to perform. Failed jobs can be left in the queue to retry later. *Abilities* specify what job...

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TheSchwartz::Simple - Lightweight TheSchwartz job dispatcher using plain DBI

TheSchwartz::Simple is yet another interface to insert a new job into TheSchwartz database using plain DBI interface. This module is solely created for the purpose of injecting a new job from web servers without loading additional TheSchwartz and Dat...

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TheSchwartz::Moosified - TheSchwartz based on Moose!

TheSchwartz is a powerful job queue. This module is a Moose implemention. read more on TheSchwartz...

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Email::Send::TheSchwartz - Send Messages using TheSchwartz

This mailer for "Email::Send" uses "TheSchwartz" to send a message via the Schwartz reliable messaging system. The first invocation of "send" requires arguments used to initialize a new "TheSchwartz" object (a list of databases). Subsequent calls wil...

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TheSchwartz::Worker::SendEmail - sends email using SMTP

This is a worker class for sending email (designed for lots of email) using TheSchwartz job queue and a slightly-tweaked subclass of Net::SMTP. See TheSchwartz for more information....

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Foorum::TheSchwartz::Worker::Hit - Update hit for popular and into co-tables.


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TheSchwartz::Worker::PubSubHubbubPublish - ping pubsubhubbub hub servers

This is a worker class for sending pings to PubSubHubbub hub servers. See TheSchwartz and Net::PubSubHubbub::Publisher for more information....

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App::MadEye::Plugin::Agent::TheSchwartz::Job - monitoring error count of TheSchwartz

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Helios::TS - TheSchwartz subclass for Helios

Helios::TS is a TheSchwartz subclass for Helios. It helps Helios implement features at the job queuing level. Most of this code was taken from TheSchwartz and modified to fix bugs and add features to work better with Helios. As such, most of the code...

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Resque - Redis-backed library for creating background jobs, placing them on multiple queues, and processing them later.

Resque is a Redis-backed library for creating background jobs, placing them on multiple queues, and processing them later. This library is a perl port of the original Ruby one: <> My main goal doing this port is to us...

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Garivini - Mostly language agnostic job persistence engine for Gearman

Garivini is a set of workers and an optional "shim" client for usage with Gearman and MySQL to create an efficient job persistence layer. It can operate in high throughput, or low latency modes....

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Net::OpenSSH - Perl SSH client package implemented on top of OpenSSH

Net::OpenSSH is a secure shell client package implemented on top of OpenSSH binary client ("ssh"). Under the hood This package is implemented around the multiplexing feature found in later versions of OpenSSH. That feature allows one to run several s...

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Thread::Workers - Creates a boss which feeds a queue consumed by workers.

Thread::Workers utilizes threads, Thread::Sempahore, and Thread::Queue to create a pool of workers which are serviced with work by a boss thread. The boss thread could be fed data from a socket listening on the master thread, or could have a routine ...

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Bundle::Melody::extlib - a bundle containing the CPAN modules bundled with Melody lt and that is distributed in its extlib directory.

This bundle contains the prerequisite CPAN modules bundled with Melody <> and that is distributed in its extlib directory. This bundle only includes modules that do not require compilation in any part of the depdency tree not in...

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Qudo::Manual::JA::Intro - Qudo's document lang:ja

QudoはバックエンドにRDBMSなどを利用したJob Queueing Management Systemです。 PerlにはTheSchwartzというJob Queueing Management Systemがありますが、 利用者が拡張しやすくなるように考えてつくりました。 POD ERRORS Hey! The above document had some coding errors, which are explained below: Around line 3: Non-ASC...

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AnyEvent::RabbitMQ::RPC - RPC queues via RabbitMQ

"AnyEvent::RabbitMQ::RPC" provides an AnyEvent-based reliable job queue atop the RabbitMQ event server. This can be used as a replacement for similar reliable job queue/RPC client-worker models, such as TheSchwartz. RPC classes can register calls tha...

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Book::Chinese::MasterPerlToday::DBIx-Class - DBIx::Class ORM

本章主要描述如何组织你的 DBIx::Class ORM 的结构和一些用法。 声明 * DBIx::Class 是和 Catalyst 分开,两者各自独立。只是他们的作者之间有交集。 * DBIx::Class 不是为了性能而开发的。如果你的代码强烈要求性能的话,不建议你使用 DBIx::Class * 如果你觉得 DBIx::Class 很难用,这可能有两个原因,一是你用错了,二是它不是你喜欢的类型。 概念 * Schema Schema 在大部分情况下可以等同于 database * Res...

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