Tie::CSV_File - ties a csv-file to an array of arrays ++

"Tie::CSV_File" represents a regular csv file as a Perl array of arrays. The first dimension of the represents the line-nr in the original file, the second dimension represents the col-nr. Both indices are starting with 0. You can also access with th...

BIGJ/Tie-CSV_File-0.21 - 12 May 2003 20:24:55 GMT - Search in distribution

Tie::File::AnyData::MultiRecord_CSV - Accessing groups of CSV records in a file via a Perl array. ++

"Tie::File::AnyData::MultiRecord_CSV" allows the management of groups of CSV records in a file via a Perl array through "Tie::File::AnyData", so read the documentation of the latter module for further details on its internals. For the management of C...

MOTIF/Tie-File-AnyData-MultiRecord_CSV-0.01 - 23 Mar 2008 20:04:51 GMT - Search in distribution

Tie::Array::CSV - A tied array which combines the power of Tie::File and Text::CSV 3 ++

This module allows an array to be tied to a CSV file for reading and writing. The array is a standard Perl 2D array (i.e. an array of array references) which gives access to the row and column of the user's choosing. This is done using the well estab...

JBERGER/Tie-Array-CSV-0.07 - 25 Mar 2013 21:58:41 GMT - Search in distribution

CSV::Template - A CSV templating module derived from HTML::Template ++

This is really just a subclass of HTML::Template that does some minor post processing of the output. Since HTML::Template really just operates on plain text, and not HTML specifically, it dawned on me that there is no reason why I should not use HTML...

STEVAN/CSV-Template-0.03 - 17 Feb 2005 19:51:00 GMT - Search in distribution

Data::TableAutoSum - Table that calculates the results of rows and cols automatic ++

This module represents a table with automatic calculation of the row/column sums. FUNCTIONS new(rows => $nr_of_rows || \@rows, cols => $nr_of_cols || \@cols) Creates a new, zero filled table. You can define the rows or cols with a ref to an array of ...

BIGJ/Data-TableAutoSum-0.08 - 12 Aug 2002 11:24:53 GMT - Search in distribution

Text::CSV::Separator - Determine the field separator of a CSV file ++

This module provides a fast detection of the field separator character (also called field delimiter) of a CSV file, or more generally, of a character separated text file (also called delimited text file), and returns it ready to use in a CSV parser (...

ENELL/Text-CSV-Separator-0.20 - 02 Nov 2008 19:15:46 GMT - Search in distribution

Text::CSV_PP::Iterator - Provide fetchrow_hashref() for CSV files ++
RSAVAGE/Text-CSV_PP-Iterator-1.03 - 24 Aug 2010 07:23:53 GMT - Search in distribution