Tie::FileLRUCache - A lightweight but robust filesystem based persistent LRU cache

Provides a lightweight persistent filesystem based LRU cache. It uses the 'last accessed' timestamp generated by the file system to determine the 'oldest' cache entry and discards the oldest cache entries when needed to stay under the -keep_last limi...

SNOWHARE/Tie-FileLRUCache-1.05 - 14 Sep 2005 19:57:20 GMT - Search in distribution

Attribute::TieClasses - Attribute wrappers for CPAN Tie classes

Damian Conway's wonderful "Attribute::Handlers" module provides an easy way to use attributes for "tie()"ing variables. In effect, the code in the synopsis is simply use Attribute::Handlers autotie => { Timeout => 'Tie::Scalar::Timeout' }; Still, goi...

MARCEL/Attribute-TieClasses-1.101700 - 19 Jun 2010 09:12:30 GMT - Search in distribution

Bundle::Search::InvertedIndex - A bundle to install all Search::InvertedIndex related modules

This bundle includes all the Search::InvertedIndex modules and modules that it depends on....

SNOWHARE/Bundle-Search-InvertedIndex-1.01 - 18 Jun 1999 15:35:38 GMT - Search in distribution

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