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Tie::StrictHash - A hash with 'strict'-like semantics ++

"Tie::StrictHash" is a module for implementing some of the same semantics for hash members that 'use strict' gives to variables. The following constraints are applied to a strict hash: o No new keys may be added to the hash except through the add met...

KVAIL/Tie-StrictHash-1.0 - 17 Mar 2001 18:54:58 GMT - Search in distribution

Tk::Task - allow multiple "tasks" to proceed at once ++

"Tk::Task" is a module to allow a lengthy operation to be subdivided into smaller pieces, with time to process events between pieces. For example, a program that loaded a large number of records from a database could make the load process a task, all...

KVAIL/Tk-Task-1.1 - 24 Oct 2002 01:21:36 GMT - Search in distribution

Hash::Type - pseudo-hashes as arrays tied to a "type" (list of fields) ++

A Hash::Type is a collection of field names. Internally, an index is associated with each name. Such collections are created dynamically and can be extended. They are used to build tied hashes, either through "tie" or through object-oriented method c...

DAMI/Hash-Type-1.09 - 26 Jul 2013 19:51:17 GMT - Search in distribution

Getopt::Easy - parses command line options in a simple but capable way. ++

Perl puts the command line parameters in the array @ARGV allowing the user to examine and manipulate it like any other array. There is a long tradition of putting optional single character flags (preceded by a dash) in front of other parameters like ...

JONBJ/Getopt-Easy-0.1   (2 reviews) - 17 Mar 2004 05:45:16 GMT - Search in distribution

Config::Easy - Access to a simple key-value configuration file. ++

The statement: use Config::Easy "conf.txt"; will take the file named "conf.txt" in the current directory as the default configuration file. Lines from the file have leading and trailing blanks trimmed. Comments begin with # and continue to the end of...

JONBJ/Config-Easy-0.2 - 30 Apr 2004 18:18:47 GMT - Search in distribution

Attribute::TieClasses - Attribute wrappers for CPAN Tie classes ++

Damian Conway's wonderful "Attribute::Handlers" module provides an easy way to use attributes for "tie()"ing variables. In effect, the code in the synopsis is simply use Attribute::Handlers autotie => { Timeout => 'Tie::Scalar::Timeout' }; Still, goi...

MARCEL/Attribute-TieClasses-1.101700 - 19 Jun 2010 09:12:30 GMT - Search in distribution

Devel::StrictObjectHash - A strict access-controlled hash for debugging objects ++

The goal of this module is to provide a drop in "bless" replacement for debugging object field access issues during development. It should never be used in production, as it has performance costs. What does this module do? This module implements a ti...

STEVAN/Devel-StrictObjectHash-0.01 - 08 Jun 2004 19:51:48 GMT - Search in distribution

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