Tk::Button - Create and manipulate Button widgets River stage three • 148 direct dependents • 159 total dependents

The Button method creates a new window (given by the $widget argument) and makes it into a button widget. Additional options, described above, may be specified on the command line or in the option database to configure aspects of the button such as i...

SREZIC/Tk-804.036 - 14 Feb 2021 12:53:44 UTC - Search in distribution

Tk::ImageButton - Customizable/Graphical button River stage zero No dependents

ImageButton allows the user to have a customised graphical button on their GUI. 4 separate images can be used, one for the normal display, one when the mouse is over the button, one for when the mouse is clicked over the button and finally one for wh...

DHICKLING/Tk-ImageButton-1.0 - 16 Jun 2004 15:24:05 UTC - Search in distribution

Tk::ResizeButton - provides a resizeable button to be used in an HList column header. River stage zero No dependents

The ResizeButton widget provides a resizeable button widget for use in an HList column header. When placed in the column header, the edge of the widget can be selected and dragged to a new location to change the size of the HList column. When resizin...

XPIX/Tk-ResizeButton-0.01 - 17 Apr 2003 14:38:56 UTC - Search in distribution

Tk::StyledButton - Stylized Button widget River stage zero No dependents

Tk::StyledButton provides a shaped button with stylized shading, using a Tk::Canvas object to implement the button rendering. The usual Tk::Button options and behaviors are preserved as much as possible. When a button is rendered, 2 versions are crea...

DARNOLD/Tk-StyledButton-0.10 - 05 Aug 2006 21:36:46 UTC - Search in distribution

Tk::ColoredButton - Button widget with background gradient color. River stage zero No dependents

Tk::ColoredButton is an extension of the Tk::Canvas::GradientColor widget. It is an easy way to simulate a button widget with gradient background color....

DJIBEL/Tk-ColoredButton-1.05 - 18 Jul 2011 00:11:37 UTC - Search in distribution

Tk::HyperlinkButton - Create a clickable hyperlink button to open a web browser River stage zero No dependents

Tk::Hyperlink is an adjusted Tk::Button widget to display a hyperlink. The hyperlink will be displayed with blue foreground color by default and highlighted on mouse over. The look and feel resembles a Label (no borders by default). A custom callback...

ASB/Tk-HyperlinkButton-0.02 - 03 Nov 2019 18:19:27 UTC - Search in distribution

Tk::FireButton - Button that keeps invoking callback when pressed River stage one • 7 direct dependents • 7 total dependents

FireButton is-a Button widget (see Tk::Button) that keeps invoking the callback bound to it as long as the <FireButton> is pressed. Four suitable bitmaps are predefined in this package: $INCBITMAP and $DECBITMAP for vertical increment and decrement b...

SREZIC/Tk-GBARR-2.08 - 23 Sep 2008 19:50:04 UTC - Search in distribution

Tk::CompoundButton - Enhanced Button widget with a bitmap/image AND a text label River stage zero No dependents

A Button widget that can be used as a replacement for the standard Button, if you want to display a bitmap/image AND a text label....

MIKRA/Tk-MK-0.23 - 11 Feb 2014 11:31:34 UTC - Search in distribution

Tk::Columns - A multicolumn list widget with sortable & sizeable columns River stage zero No dependents

Implements a multicolumn list with resizeable, scrollable columns and configurable sorting by column. Other features include column selection callbacks and row selection callbacks, global and per-column color and font selection, and column insertion ...

DKWILSON/Tk-DKW-0.03 - 26 Nov 1999 05:33:47 UTC - Search in distribution
  • Tk::CheckBox - Another radio button style widget (with a check mark)
  • Tk::DockFrame - A multicolumn list widget with sortable & sizeable columns
  • Tk::TabFrame - An alternative to the NoteBook widget : a tabbed geometry manager

Tk::HMListbox - Sortable Multicolumn HListbox (allowing icons, along with text) with arrows in headers indicating sort order. River stage zero No dependents

Tk::HMListbox is a derivitive of my Tk::SMListbox (and thus Tk::MListbox that uses Tk::HListbox (instead of Tk::Listbox, as used by the latter two) which was done to allow for image icons to be included in columns along with the traditional text stri...

TURNERJW/Tk-HMListbox-3.12 - 31 Jul 2019 17:19:32 UTC - Search in distribution

Tk::SMListbox - Sortable Multicolumn Listbox with arrows in headers indicating sort order. River stage zero No dependents

Tk::SMListbox is a derivitive of Tk::MListbox that adds optional tiny up and down arrow graphics to columns in the SMListbox that the data is currently sorted on indicating ascending and/or descending order. Sorting is done by clicking on one of the ...

TURNERJW/Tk-SMListbox-2.12 - 12 Aug 2018 03:30:56 UTC - Search in distribution River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

RCS/Tk-MListbox-1.11 - 27 Dec 2001 05:46:10 UTC - Search in distribution

lib/Tcl/pTk/Menu/ River stage zero No dependents

CAC/Tcl-pTk-1.08 - 17 Jul 2020 20:41:57 UTC - Search in distribution

Tkx - Yet another Tk interface River stage two • 8 direct dependents • 10 total dependents

The "Tkx" module provides yet another Tk interface for Perl. Tk is a GUI toolkit tied to the Tcl language, and "Tkx" provides a bridge to Tcl that allows Tk based applications to be written in Perl. The main idea behind Tkx is that it is a very thin ...

CAC/Tkx-1.10 - 06 Feb 2021 09:34:49 UTC - Search in distribution

Tk::Action - action abstraction for tk River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 5 total dependents

Menu entries are often also available in toolbars or other widgets. And sometimes, we want to enable or disable a given action, and this means having to update everywhere this action is allowed. This module helps managing actions in a Tk GUI: just cr...

JQUELIN/Tk-Action-1.093390 - 05 Dec 2009 09:15:46 UTC - Search in distribution

Tk::MDI - Multiple Document Interface for Tk River stage zero No dependents

This module emulates MDI type functionality with a twist. The twist is ... virtually any Tk widget can be used! Hence, the 'D' in MDI is somewhat of a misnomer. The MDI method creates a new MDI window (i.e. a Frame) and returns a blessed reference to...

AQUMSIEH/Tk-MDI-0.2 - 07 Mar 2002 13:28:59 UTC - Search in distribution

tkShortcuts - Several shortcuts for Tk. River stage zero No dependents

This module contains some alternative Tk dialogs that you can use, that, in my opinion are more beneficial for the end user than some of the stuff that is packaged with Tk as well as two other Tk shortcuts that will make your life a lot easier. This ...

ROBINBANK/tkShortcuts-1.00a - 28 Feb 2006 23:06:39 UTC - Search in distribution

Tk::Date - a date/time widget for perl/Tk River stage zero No dependents

Tk::Date implements a date/time widget. There are three ways to input a date: * Using the keyboard to input the digits and the tab key or the mouse pointer to move focus between fields. * Using up and down cursor keys to increment/decrement the date ...

SREZIC/Tk-Date-0.44 - 25 Oct 2010 20:11:03 UTC - Search in distribution

Tk::TM - User interface for database applications. Tk::TM - Tk Transaction Manager - screen transactions with user. River stage zero No dependents

This module is something like 'Transaction Manager' in JYACC JAM RAD. It releases user interface for database applications - screen transactions with user. It contains data manipulation object ("Tk::TM::DataObject"), data widgets ("tmTable", "tmBlank...

MAKAROW/Tk-TM-0.53 - 20 Nov 2000 06:56:19 UTC - Search in distribution

Tk::TOTD - Tip Of The Day dialog for Perl/Tk. River stage zero No dependents

Tk::TOTD provides a simple Tip of the Day dialog for Perl/Tk programs....

KIRSLE/Tk-TOTD-0.5 - 18 Sep 2015 19:03:11 UTC - Search in distribution
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