Tree::Authz - inheritance-based authorization scheme

Class for inheritable, role-based permissions system (Role Based Access Control - RBAC). Custom methods can be placed on role objects. Authorization can be performed either by checking whether the role name matches the required name, or by testing (v...

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This chapter provides an in-depth mod_perl 2.0 configuration details....

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Bigtop::Docs::Cookbook - Bigtop syntax by example

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MPMinus::BaseHandlers - Base handlers of MPMinus

Base handlers of MPMinus. See <>...

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Apache::AuthCookieURL - Perl Authentication and Authorization or session management via cookies or URL munging

** Warning: beta software. This should be used for testing purposes only. That said, there are a few people using it and I've been using it for a few months without problem. The interface may change (or disappear) without notice. Please report any pr...

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Gantry::Control - The Core for User Management and Administration

This module is a library of useful access functions that would be used in other handlers, it also details the other modules that belong to the Control tree....

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