Treex::Core - interface to linguistic structures and processing units in Treex

"Treex::Core" is a library of modules for processing linguistic data, especially tree-shaped syntactic representations of natural language sentences, both for language analysis and synthesis purposes. "Treex::Core" is meant to be as language universa...

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Treex::Block::W2A::Tag - universal block for PoS tagging and lemmatization

This class serves two purposes: - It is a base class for all other PoS tagging blocks. - It can be used directly in the scenario with specifying the name of the tagger tool in the parameter "module". Lemmatization Some taggers do lemmatization togeth...

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Treex::Tool::Tagger::MeCab - perl wrapper for C implemented japanese morphological analyzer MeCab

This is a Perl wrapper for MeCab tagger and tokenizer implemented in C++. Generates string of features (first one is wordform) for each token generated. Returns array of tokens for further use....

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This is a Perl implementation of the MST Parser described in McDonald et al.: Non-projective Dependency Parsing using Spanning Tree Algorithms, 2005, in Proc. HLT/EMNLP. Treex::Tool::Parser::MSTperl contains an unlabelled parser (Treex::Tool::Parser:...

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Treex::Block::W2A::EN::Lemmatize - wrapper for rule based lemmatizer for English

For each node in the analytical tree, attribute "lemma" is filled with a lemma derived from attributes "form" and "tag" using "Treex::Tool::EnglishMorpho::Lemmatizer"....

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