Treex::EN - collection of blocks for processing English

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Treex::Core - interface to linguistic structures and processing units in Treex

"Treex::Core" is a library of modules for processing linguistic data, especially tree-shaped syntactic representations of natural language sentences, both for language analysis and synthesis purposes. "Treex::Core" is meant to be as language universa...

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Treex::Tool::Segment::RuleBased - Rule based pseudo language-independent sentence segmenter

Sentence boundaries are detected based on a regex rules that detect end-sentence punctuation ([.?!]) followed by a uppercase letter. This class is implemented in a pseudo language-independent way, but it can be used as an ancestor for language-specif...

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Controls the features used in the model. Features TODO: outdated, superceded by use of config file -> rewrite Each feature has a form "code:value". The code desribes the information which is relevant for the feature, and the value is the information ...

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