UNIVERSAL::cant - See if an object or package cant do something ++

Provides UNIVERSAL methods that is the opposite of can(). INTERFACE Two simple methods described below. cant() Takes the same arguments as can(), returns true if it can't do the specified args, returns false if it can can't() Same as cant() but with ...

DMUEY/UNIVERSAL-cant-v0.0.1 - 04 Apr 2007 02:48:31 GMT - Search in distribution

Symbol::Table - An easy interface to symbol tables (no eval(), no *typeglobs ) ++

Disclaimer This code is an "acedemic exercise" in manipulating perl's symbol table. It wasn't coded to be fast or efficient. It was simply coded to provide the functionality I wanted it to provide. If you look at the code, you'll notice numerous call...

GSLONDON/Symbol-Table-1.01 - 14 Mar 2003 01:20:46 GMT - Search in distribution

Acme::UNIVERSAL::cannot - Just so that Acme::LOLCat->cannot('has') ++
BOBTFISH/Acme-UNIVERSAL-cannot-0.01 - 08 May 2009 08:36:02 GMT - Search in distribution